Didier Balocco

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Didier Balocco, EMEA Power Solutions Group Business Marketing Engineer

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Name: Novel Industry-First Self-Service PLECS Model Generator and Elite Power Simulator Accurate For Soft and Hard-Switching

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Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English

Attendance: Online

Event Description

System-level simulations of complex power electronic applications are critical for virtual proto-typing leading to first-time-right design. The new online Elite Power Simulator and Self-Service PLECS Model Generator from onsemi saves power electronic engineers time by providing state-of-the-art accurate simulation and EliteSiC product selection capabilities tailored to their customer’s application. The tools provide meaningful insights at an early stage of the power application development cycle through simulation instead of costly and time-consuming hardware fabrication and testing.

Ultimate power is given to the user when the Elite Power Simulator is deployed in conjunction with the Self-Service PLECS Model Generator which delivers customers the power and freedom to create high fidelity system level PLECS models. The models are generated based on typical or worst-case conditions to let the customer design to the process technology boundaries. Further, the capability to define application specific parasitics ensures the generated PLECS models provide highly accurate results needed for the customer’s system level simulations. Whether uploaded to onsemi’s Elite Power Simulator or downloaded for direct use, onsemi’s Self-Service PLECS models deliver customization and accuracy required for modern day power electronic simulations.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn onsemi’s industry-first PLECS models that are valid and accurate for both hard and soft switching applications such as DC-DC LLC and CLLC Resonant, Dual Active Bridge, and Phase Shifted Full Bridge.
  • Introduce onsemi’s Self-Service PLECS Model Generator and review how to create custom high fidelity system level PLECS models leveraging novel physically based, scalable SPICE modeling methodologies.
  • Deploy accurate PLECS models in onsemi’s industry leading Elite Power Simulator

About the Speaker

Didier Balocco


Didier Balocco
EMEA Power Solutions Group Business Marketing Engineer, Power Solutions Group, onsemi

Didier received his Electronics Engineer diploma from the “École Nationale Supérieure d’Électronique et de RadioÉlectricité de Bordeaux,” France, in 1992 and his Ph. D. degree in Power Electronics from the University of Bordeaux in 1997.

In 1996, he joined AEG Power Solutions, formerly Alcatel Converters, as a research engineer for DC-DC and AC-AC converters design in a range of 1 W to 1 kW, mainly for telecom equipment. He managed research activities from 2000 to 2014, publishing more than ten papers on power electronics, and holds one patent. From 2011 to 2013, he worked eighteen months on a 15-kW solar inverter module for a 150-kW cabinet in Dallas, Texas.

He joined Fairchild in August 2014 as a Field Application Engineer supporting the South of France, Spain, and Portugal. In 2016, onsemi acquired Fairchild. In 2018, he moved to a new role inside ON Semiconductor. He is currently an EMEA Power Solutions Group Business Marketing Engineer.