AR0820AT Webinar
Radhika Arora
Presented by Radhika Arora

Director, Product Marketing, Automotive Solutions Division


Date: September 15, 2021

Time: 11 AM PT - 12 PM PT

Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English

Attendance: Online


Join us to learn about the underlying technology for AR0820AT sensor and the far-reaching impact it has in the automotive world.

Registration Deadline: September 15, 2021


Intelligent Image Sensing Technology Leads the Road from ADAS to Autonomous Vehicles

The automotive industry is undergoing a metamorphosis as vehicles progress from advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to fully autonomous. A key technology enabling this evolution is image sensing. The human eye has a remarkable ability to perceive the environment, adapting to varying light conditions, which allows us to drive in rapidly changing light conditions. The role of the image sensors is to mimic that aspect of our eyes and do it better. onsemi has mastered the art of being a leader in ADAS sensing spanning over four decades with over 400 million sensors from onsemi deployed in vehicles on the road today.

This webinar will focus on the AR0820AT 8.3 MP CMOS digital image sensor from onsemi. The sensor is optimized for low light and challenging high dynamic range (HDR) scenes, with a 2.1 µm DR-Pix BSI pixel and on-chip 140 dB HDR capture capability. It includes advanced functions such as in-pixel binning, windowing, and both video and single frame modes to provide flexible Region of Interest (ROI). Advanced wafer stacking technology enables low power and compact package design.

About The Speaker

Radhika Arora is a proven leader in business development and strategy with an impressive track record of increasing profits and expanding market share. She has had tremendous success in establishing a lasting presence in varied market segments, identifying growth opportunities in new emerging applications, and initiating strong business alliances. She is equally skilled at directing cross-functional teams to manage the complete product life cycle. Radhika currently serves as Director, Product Marketing at onsemi. She manages the Automotive Marketing team, driving the strategy for Automotive with a focus on image sensors. Her efforts have led to onsemi having far-reaching impacts on the bottom line. Before that, Radhika served as Product Line Manager within the Image Sensor Group at onsemi, where she managed the Internet of Things/Scanning product line growing it into a critical and highly profitable segment. Radhika also founded a Non-Profit Organization - Suncharged. The organization focuses on enriching lives and improving productivity in rural India through means of alternative and sustainable energy solutions.

Key Takeaways

Learn more about AR0820AT and other image sensors from onsemi.

  • Learn about the automotive evolution from ADAS to AV with image sensors
  • Features of AR0820AT to enable autonomous driving capabilities