Mamadou Diallo

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Mamadou Diallo - Product Line Manager

December 7, 2023

8:00AM PST

Event Details

Adopting eFuses for Faster and More Protected Automotive Zonal Control Units

Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English

Attendance: Online

Event Description

With the automotive market trends shifting to zonal control architecture, electronic fuse, or eFuse, plays an important role in the localized power distribution scheme, providing critical, intelligent protection to the multiple points of load such as electronic control units (ECUs) of the vehicle.

This session will highlight onsemi's latest 60 V NIV3071 eFuse device incorporating 4-independent channels with the capability to drive different loads. By replacing legacy fuse and mechanical relays with NIV3071, designers can take advantage of the 60 V operating voltage range with greater scalability and flexibility in applications such as body control modules, ADAS domain controllers, telematics, harness protection applications, and head-up display (HUD).

Key Takeaways

Learn about the performance advantages of NIV3071 efuse

Learn more about how onsemi’s NIV3071 can help improve your automotive body electronics designs and more

About the Speaker

Mamadou Diallo


Mamadou Diallo

Product Line Manager, eFuses, Wireless Linear Voltage Regulators

Mamadou Diallo is a product line manager at onsemi where he is responsible for market strategy and product roadmaps in automotive, industrial and wireless applications. Prior to onsemi, Mamadou worked at Texas Instruments as a systems engineer/product definer. He has published numerous technical papers and holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas.