Ross Jatou

Hello, I am

Ross Jatou

Senior Vice President and General Manager,
Intelligent Sensing Group


Ross Jatou joined onsemi in 2015 and currently serves as senior vice president and general manager of the Intelligent Sensing Group (ISG). In October 2020, he was named senior vice president and general manager of the ISG group assuming leadership of all three divisions: industrial, consumer and automotive sensing. Prior to onsemi, Mr. Jatou had an extensive career with NVIDIA Corporation of nearly 15 years, where he was the vice president of hardware engineering. His background and experience include product development, engineering management, and automotive design quality and forecasting, and he is an expert in imaging graphics and system interfaces, telecommunications, high performance computing, automotive and embedded solutions. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in electrical engineering and a Master of Applied Science in millimeter wave technology and parallel processing from the University of Toronto.

Mr. Jatou completed executive business programs from Stanford University School of Business and Harvard Business School.