GUNMA, Japan – June 13, 2011 (JST) –


Hardwired MP3 encoder/decoder technology reduces overall power consumption by 30 percent and built-in DSP enables various types of audio processing

LC823425 Audio Processor

GUNMA, Japan – June 13, 2011 (JST) – SANYO Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (an ON Semiconductor company) today announced the introduction of LC823425, an audio processing solution for portable devices such as IC recorders. This product features a built-in hardwired MP3 encoder/decoder system, enabling the industry’s lowest power consumption of 5 milliwatts (mW) and supporting advanced functionality via a built-in digital signal processor (DSP)

Power consumption reduced by 30 percent

The LC823425 lowers power consumption during encoding by 50 percent compared to prior products, by utilizing a newly developed hardware encoders for MP3 file formats. It also employs a, low-voltage 90 nanometer (nm) process to achieve overall power consumption of approximately 5 mW, the lowest level in the industry for MP3 recording/playback. Additionally, it features a Class D headphone amplifier to reduce power consumption during playback. Through these functions, LC823425 achieves power consumption 30 percent lower than that of earlier sound processing products such as the LC823410. The new LC823425 is ideal for miniaturization of in-unit battery packs and extending operating time.

“The hardwired MP3 encoder/decoder technology utilized in the LC823425 audio processor delivers better power consumption and faster processing than software processing options using a DSP,” said Kenichi Kiyozaki, manager of SANYO Semiconductor’s Digital LSI Development Department.

Built-in DSP enables various types of audio processing
SANYO Semiconductor’s unique 24-bit DSP also enables diverse audio processing algorithms, leveraging proven software assets, shortening time to market for various types of audio processing applications. For example, this device enables functions often used for IC recorders, such as noise cancellation (including reducing noise from air conditioners, and making audio clearer during playback), sound collection (making audio clearer in real-time by using low delay noise-reduction processing and a high-gain amplifier), and voice speed adjustment (lowering voice speed, and maintaining the original playback time by expanding voice data to silent parts).

The new MP3 decoder and playback algorithm included in the LC823425 enables the variable speed playback function to operate at up to twice the speed [at 0.5x to 4x speeds and 1.2 volts (V) operation], compared to SANYO Semiconductor’s previous products.

Additionally, by utilizing the LC823425’s “music extraction technology”, which extracts music data from among audio data, it also possible to extract and record only the music part of an FM radio broadcast.

SANYO Semiconductor also offers to develop software to meet customers’ specific needs and further expand the functionality of the product.

“Our audio processing products are gaining a solid reputation due to reduced power consumption and a strong track record with many customers,” said Kiyozaki. “We plan to increase our share in the IC recorder market by releasing more products and creating a new market for simultaneous recording/playback and high-speed recording function.”

Pricing and Availability
Samples of LC823425 are already available. Full production is scheduled in July 2011. The device is offered in both a FBGA221J (11 mm x 11 mm) and a TQFP128L (14 mm x 14 mm) package. It is budgetary priced at $7.00 USD per unit in quantities of 10,000 units.


Built-in memory 512 KB SRAM for work / 128KB ROM for boot
CPU peripheral Interrupt control, DMAC, various Timers, GPIO, 10bit ADC
Peripheral eMMC (boot operation mode supported), eSD, SD Card IF, MS IF
USB2.0 High-Speed Device IF, UART, SIO, I2C
SDRAM IF, asynchronous bus IF (only for FBGA221J package)
Audio Hardwired MP3 encoder/decoder
Our unique 24-bit DSP
Various hardwired audio functions
24-bit/96KHz linear PCM sampling supported (a product to be prepared to release)

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