ON Semiconductor to Show Next Generation Power Systems in Action at APEC 2015

Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) – Booth 407 – CHARLOTTE, NC – March 11, 2015 –


LLC power supply, new developments in GaN, and motor drive control demonstrations, in addition to major involvement in the conference

Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) – Booth 407 – CHARLOTTE, NC – March 11, 2015 – ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), driving energy efficient innovations, will be showcasing some of its latest advances in power management technology at APEC including a new LLC current-mode power supply for computers and LED TVs, significant developments in GaN, and a sensor-less motor driver controller.

Current-Mode LLC Power Supply

One of the demonstrations will include the industry’s first current-mode LLC controller, the NCP1399, highlighting the safety features and benefits inherent to a current-mode control approach. The power supply reference design will incorporate the NCP1399 along with ON Semiconductor’s NCP4810 X2 capacitor discharger, NCP1602 power factor controller, and NCP4305 synchronous rectification controller. This system solution is predominantly aimed at power supplies for all-in-one computers and large LED TVs, as well as ultra-high density power adapters. It is capable of achieving markedly higher performance, lower standby power and higher power conversion efficiency levels than would be possible using competitive devices. The current-mode control architecture of the NCP1399 is the heart of the power supply reference design bringing built-in protection features, faster transient response and light load efficiency enhancements. The NCP4305 provides improved efficiency with a large 8 A driver and built-in light load detection.

Converter with GaN High-Electron-Mobility Transistors (HEMTs)

A two-stage converter demonstrating the latest high-efficiency results obtainable with GaN will also be featured at APEC. This 240 watt (W) supply achieves 95 percent peak efficiency with the NCP1397 LLC controller, NCP1654 power factor correction controller, and TPH3202PS or NTP8G202N GaN transistor switching devices. The board utilizes GaN HEMTs in both the PFC stage and in the primary side of the LLC stage.

Automotive Motor Driver

The motor driver demonstration showcases a next generation software-less automotive motor driver solution, LV8907. On-chip intelligent sensor-less commutation logic enables LV8907 to drive a brushless DC (BLDC) motor without any position sensor, thereby reducing the solution cost and footprint. This software-less solution with on-chip configuration registers can be customized for a wide range of motor and load combinations using an easy-to-use and free graphical user interface (GUI) utility from ON Semiconductor. LV8907 with pre-loaded configuration registers can drive the motor in a stand-alone mode without an external system controller. With an integrated LIN transceiver, LV8907 can also deliver a LIN-based advanced motor drive solution using a small and low cost companion controller that is required only for LIN management tasks.

Additionally, ON Semiconductor technical experts will be giving Professional Education Seminars at APEC 2015 as part of the conference agenda:

  • Christophe Basso, application engineering director at ON Semiconductor, will present a seminar on ‘Practical Implementation of Loop Control in Power Converters’ (March 16)
  • Roger Stout, research scientist at ON Semiconductor, will present a seminar on ‘Power Electronics System Thermal Design’ –(March 16)

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