ON Semiconductor today launched the MMDF4207, a new p-channel power MOSFET that offers breakthrough technology and brings p-channel Rds(on) performance closer to n-channel performance. The MMDF4207 expands the ON Semiconductor p-channel MOSFET portfolio by offering a dual MOSFET in an SO-8 package. Earlier this year, ON Semiconductor introduced the MMSF4205, a single p-channel MOSFET in an SO-8 package. Both the MMDF4207 and MMSF4205 feature one of the lowest p-channel Rds(on) values in the industry. The low Rds(on) will increase efficiency and reduce battery drain, thereby increasing battery life or telephone talk time in portable products. For ease of ordering, the D in the part number represents a dual MOSFET while the S represents a single MOSFET.

The MMDF4207 belongs to a family of MiniMOS devices that are specifically designed for use in low voltage applications where power efficiency is critical. This MOSFET is capable of driving the power amplifier (PA) stage in digital cellular phones. Typical applications include battery disconnect switches, DC-DC converters, linear regulators, and low drop out regulators (LDOs). The MMDF4207 offers advantages for power management applications such as camcorders, digital cameras, and cellular phones. In addition to portable and battery powered applications, the MMDF4207 is perfect for providing the many regulated voltages required in motherboard and computer applications where several logic levels may be required.

Because the MMDF4207 is a p-channel device, this MOSFET offers the advantage of high side switching while avoiding the problem of opening the return path. This device is capable of withstanding high energy in the avalanche and commutation modes, thereby creating additional safety margins against unexpected voltage transients. The MMDF4207 MOSFET's SO-8 package reduces PCB area making for a compact design.

"The introduction of the MMDF4207 power MOSFET expands ON Semiconductor's portfolio of superior, market driven, power MOSFETs." commented John Trice, marketing manager for the MOS Power Products Division at ON Semiconductor. "With the availability of this MOSFET, we have strengthened our position as a major provider to telecommunications and portable electronics manufacturers. We continue to work on new and innovative power products to meet tomorrow's demands for efficient power management."

Designed using ON Semiconductor's latest MOSFET technology process, the MMDF4207 MOSFET is one of an advanced series of power MOSFETs that achieves the lowest possible on-resistance per silicon area. This unique design offers true logic level performance and the lowest published gate drive current available.

Samples and production quantities of the MMDF4207 are currently available. Pricing in 2.5K tape and reel quantities for the MMDF4207 MOSFET start at a resale value of $1.34.

Plans are in place for future spin-off products in TSSOP-8, TSOP-6 and Micro8 packages. Look for these smaller packages in the second quarter of next year.

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