New NBVSBAxxx devices offer performance and cost benefits versus SAW- or quartz-based voltage controlled clock oscillators

voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs)

PHOENIX, Ariz. – July 12, 2010 – ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN) a premier supplier of high performance, energy efficient silicon solutions for green electronics, today introduced a new PureEdgeTM family of silicon-based voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs). Offering reduced costs, and ultra-low jitter and phase noise versus alternative solutions available on the market, the new NBVSBAxxx series is ideal for providing low jitter, stable reference clock in designs such as networking, SONET, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, base stations and broadcasting equipment.

The NBVSBAxxx devices are designed to meet the requirements of 2.5 V and 3.3 V low voltage positive emitter coupled logic (LVPECL) clock generation applications offering a low jitter (0.5 ps) reference clock. The ability to power the devices with either a 2.5 V or 3.3 V supply enables design flexibility and simplifies product bill of materials driving further system cost reduction.  A High Q fundamental mode pullable crystal and phase locked loop (PLL) multiplier is used to provide industry standard frequencies across a wide range of 60 MHz to 700 MHz with a guaranteed pullable range of ± 100 ppm and frequency stability of ±50 ppm. NBVSBAxxx oscillators offer a tri-state enable/disable feature, allowing the user to turn the output on and off across the entire industrial temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C. 

“Long established SAW- or quartz-based voltage controlled clock oscillator technology has reached its performance and cost limits,” said Prescott Sakai, director of Clock and Data products at ON Semiconductor. “ON Semiconductor’s silicon-based PureEdge™ devices have emerged as a logical and superior choice for current and future designs. The new family of devices offer equal or better overall performance and improve design flexibility compared to existing solutions, combined with lower cost and reduced lead times.”

Pricing and Availability

The NBVSBAxxx devices are packaged in a hermetically sealed 5.0 mm x 7.0 mm x 1.9 mm ceramic CLCC-6 SMD package.  Budgetary pricing for these products is $6.50 per unit for quantities of 1,000 units.

Orderable Part Number

Output Frequency (MHz)




Networking Base Stations



Networking, 10GE, 10G LAN



SONET, SDH, Networking



SONET, SDH, Networking



Networking Base Stations



Broadcasting Equipment



Base Stations

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