ON Semiconductor Delivers First Integrated Controller Designed to Supply Power to Next Generation Chipsets and DDR Memory


New integrated power controller delivers needed voltages to desktop computing chipsets and DDR1/DDR2 memory while meeting all processor sequencing and regulation requirements

INTEL DEVELOPERS FORUM, San Jose, Calif., Sept. 16, 2003 Continuing to deliver innovative and creative power-management solutions for the computing industry, ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN) today announced a new family of integrated controllers with the introduction of the NCP5210 and NCP5209. These devices are designed to manage the demanding power requirements of DDR1/DDR2 memory and the increased power needs of next-generation chipsets.

"The NCP5210 leads the industry in providing a highly integrated, power-management solution for next-generation chipsets and DDR memory." Mike Kenyon, ON Semiconductor corporate market development director for computing. "ON Semiconductor focused its development efforts on producing this high-performance, cost-effective controller as part of the company?s complete power solution for the rapidly changing desktop computer environment."

The NCP5210 combines two highly efficient Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) buck converters for the VDDQ supply and the MCH core voltage supply with a 2.1 amp (A) source-sink linear regulator for the VTT termination voltage. Additionally, the device offers a number of protection features including soft-start circuitry, under-voltage monitoring of conversion input voltages, thermal shutdown, and over-current protection. The over-current protection safeguards the DDR memory from damage due to improper insertion of a memory module.

The NCP5209 combines one PWM buck converter for all DDR memory VDDQ, a linear source-sink for VTT, and a two-step linear solution for the MCH. It is a cost-effective solution for motherboards requiring DDR2.

The NCP5210 and NCP5209 are offered in the compact QFN-20 package. Selective sampling and evaluation boards are available now. The devices are priced at $1.82 per unit in 1,000 unit quantities. Production of the devices is slated for the fourth quarter. Additional devices in this family of integrated controllers will include varying configurations to provide computer motherboard designers the flexibility to select the best level of integration for their system based on both cost and performance.

Complete Solution
When coupled with NTD60N02R MOSFET, the NCP5210 provides a complete, scalable power solution for next-generation chipsets and DDR Memory. The low-threshold voltage of the NTD60N02R results in good conduction characteristics as low gate drive voltages.

"As CPU manufacturers push the envelope in microprocessor and computer memory design, we will work to provide them with the power-management solution that meets their aggressive development schedules," said Bernie Boland, ON Semiconductor corporate technical marketing director for computing. "Implementing a proven power design is preferred over spending the time and money to design and optimize a complete power system from scratch. For this reason, ON Semiconductor offers turn-key reference designs as well as the power devices needed to implement the power solutions that virtually snap together with the latest motherboard computing building blocks."

For more information concerning ON Semiconductor?s power devices and complete solutions for computing visit https://www.onsemi.com/computing.

About ON Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN) offers an extensive portfolio of power and data management semiconductors and standard semiconductor components that address the design needs of today's sophisticated electronic products, appliances and automobiles. For more information visit ON Semiconductor's website at https://www.onsemi.com.

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onsemi and the onsemi logo are trademarks of Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC. All other brand and product names appearing in this document are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. Although the Company references its website in this news release, information on the website is not to be incorporated herein.

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