Phoenix, AZ - May 22, 2000 - ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ONNN) and SpinCircuit Inc. announced today that they plan to collaborate to provide printed circuit board (PCB) designers with a comprehensive online database of technical resources, tools, services and support necessary for them to make better product design decisions earlier in the design cycle. ON Semiconductor will be the first semiconductor manufacturer working to bridge the gap between the design desktop and the electronics supply chain network, through SpinCircuit's new Internet gateway by extending its offerings to the design community

This relationship between ON Semiconductor and SpinCircuit creates a new and exciting opportunity for both companies to pool their respective areas of expertise and core competencies to provide up-to-date design, supply and manufacturing information directly to the design desktop.

ON Semiconductor's collaboration with SpinCircuit is intended to reduce time-to-market by improving operational and supply chain efficiencies for the designers. By integrating semiconductor information directly from the supplier into schematic capture solutions, SpinCircuit will help ON Semiconductor and other suppliers reduce the barrier to entry for new and innovative product designs. It is expected that this endeavor will ultimately expand the available market for semiconductor and other component suppliers, contract manufacturers, and other service providers throughout the supply chain.

"ON Semiconductor is committed to finding solutions that enable the designers and other members of the electronics supply chain to be more effective and efficient during the design process," said Michael Rohleder, senior vice-president of sales and marketing at ON Semiconductor. "The joint effort between ON Semiconductor and SpinCircuit will attempt to simplify the supply chain process so that designers can choose from ON Semiconductor's broad selection of products to integrate into PCB designs."

SpinCircuit estimates that 80 percent of a product's cost is determined in the first 20 percent of the product development process, and that more than 30 percent of an engineer's time goes toward researching, selecting and documenting electronics components. SpinCircuit's solution will enable designers to more fully exploit Internet connectivity to design and deliver the right products to market faster.

The SpinCircuit Internet Gateway provides more than just technical data to designers. The content of the portal is expected to include comprehensive information on how to use ON Semiconductor's products including design models, information on End of Life (EOL) issues, part number changes and announcements of upcoming products.

"SpinCircuit focuses on expediting the reach and richness of supply chain information and integrating it directly into design environments," said Peter Summers, vice president of business development at SpinCircuit. "We are excited that a world-class company like ON Semiconductor understands the value of our vision. We are also proud that ON Semiconductor is interested in being an early adopter of this solution that delivers the latest information and services directly to the designers to help them realize improved time-to-market."

About ON Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor, formerly a division of Motorola, is one of the world's largest suppliers of analog, standard logic, and discrete semiconductors for data and power management. ON Semiconductor's products include integrated circuits for high-bandwidth data applications, analog ICs for power management and low-voltage power transistors. In addition to using micropackaging technology across all product families, ON Semiconductor offers the largest selection of discrete semiconductors in a variety of surface mount and standard packages. These semiconductors turn on and connect digital electronic products to our world. ON Semiconductor is the trade name of SCG Holding Corporation's affiliate, Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC.

About SpinCircuit
SpinCircuit Inc. is an independent business-to-business Internet company focused on creating an entirely new concept for the global electronics supply chain. This new virtual supply chain is where the engineering desktop, component suppliers, and product manufacturers are linked together as never before. The result will be vastly improved supply chain efficiency and time-to-market for electronic products. SpinCircuit is a privately held company based in San Jose, California. For more information, visit the SpinCircuit design gateway

ON Semiconductor and Forward-Looking Statements
Some statements contained in this press release may be forward looking statements, subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause ON Semiconductor's actual results and financial position to differ materially from those statements. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry, fluctuations in our quarterly operating results, new product development and technological change, competition in our industry, inability to implement our business strategy, and the inability of ON Semiconductor and SpinCircuit to materialize their plans to provide PCB designers with comprehensive online information and services. Investors should also consult the publicly available Securities and Exchange Commission filings of SCG Holding Corporation for additional information about these and other risks and uncertainties. ON Semiconductor assumes no obligation to update forward looking statements to reflect actual results or changed assumptions or other factors.

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Yinka Massally
Public Relations Manager
ON Semiconductor
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Corporate Marketing
SpinCircuit Inc.

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