Phoenix, Arizona -- April 20, 1999 -- A new ECLinPS Plus logic series introduced by Motorola today, offers a 30% AC performance advantage and tighter skews than comparable ECL logic series now available. This will enable designers to create equipment designs with faster throughput and higher accuracy rates.

The new ECL family, called the "Plus" series, is an improved version of Motorola's original high performance ECLinPS logic and offers this improved performance at the same power level - giving designers more efficient designs. The smaller, more uniform peak-to-peak skew rates also provide greater accuracy - and are ideal for applications such as test equipment designs.

Designed with Motorola's advanced MOSAIC V Bipolar process, the ECLinPS Plus series addresses the market need for high speed, higher performance, low voltage logic functions for high end computer designs, ATE, instrumentation and telecom market segments. The series is designed to meet the stringent of system requirements in serial data transmission, skew clock distribution, propagation delay, translation logic, toggle frequency and adhesion between higher levels of integration (ASICs).

"ECLinPS Plus is a single/multi gate family fabricated using an advanced Motorola proprietary bipolar process, and offers our customers faster propagation delays, rise / fall times and tighter skews than our previous ECL families," said Scott Delaney, Marketing Director of Motorola's Semiconductor Components Group. "Our introduction of this exciting technology demonstrates our resolve and commitment to maintaining the leading position in the advanced ECL market."

ECLinPS Plus provides superior isolation over multiple gate logic. It is a family of single / multi (essential logic primitive) gates, multiplexers, flops, etc. and is optimized for performance at standard 3.3V supply (and operational at 5V). Packaged gates switch in 170ps typically with flip-flop toggle frequencies at over 3GHz utilizing the advantage of flow-through pinouts.

Charlie Sweet, a Senior Electrical Engineer with Teradyne Corporation, notes that "Customers are always looking for speed enhancements that allow designs to achieve faster data rates and Motorola's ECLinPS Plus logic family makes that possible."

The ECLinPS Plus series is housed in small, space saving, standard SOIC, TSSOP and TQFP packages. The small package sizes make it ideal for pin cards and other applications that require density, yet maintain signal integrity.

The first offerings of the ECLinPS Plus Logic family currently in production consist of 8 single essential logic primitives in 8 / 20-lead SOIC packages -- MC10EP01, 05, 08, 11, 16, 31, 58 and MC10EP139. Most of the 8-lead devices are pin and function compatible with Motorola's previous ECLinPS Lite series. A 32-lead TQFP package will be offered for wider functions and will be introduced with the remaining devices in the portfolio as they become available throughout 1999.

Prices average at $7.61 for the 8-lead SOIC, $10.69 for the 20-lead TSSOP and $15.20 for the 32-lead TQFP devices, all in quantities of 5,000 units.

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