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May 18, 2022

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Santa Clara, California

Embedded Vision

About the tradeshow

Traditionally, developers have struggled to select the best image sensors and lenses, integrate these with the rest of the system, and tune the sensor for best performance. This has resulted in long development cycles and low-quality image data. We present imager modules from onsemi and Arrow that enable developers to rapidly develop vision systems that capture high-quality images. These modules incorporate advanced image sensors coupled with matched lenses, delivered in the form of boards that can be snapped into the main board of an embedded system. The modules and drivers have been tested with many popular ISPs and SoCs. The sensors are pre-tuned to meet the needs of many applications, and the onsemi DevSuite enables developers to quickly adjust the tuning if needed. We’ll show how these imager modules and associated software remove the pain and guesswork typically associated with imager selection and integration, freeing developers to focus on other aspects of their system.

About The Speaker

Ganesh Narayanaswamy - Sr Business Marketing Manager, Industrial & Commercial Solutions Division

Ganesh Narayanaswamy is responsible for the image sensors product line and business management at onsemi. He focuses on bringing vision solutions to the commercial and industrial markets, as well as business growth in the Americas and EMEA regions. Ganesh came to onsemi from Xilinx, where he managed the industrial vision and drive controls product lines, as well as the business in the Americas, EMEA and India, Australia and New Zealand. Prior to that, he worked at STMicroelectronics and managed the networking ASICs business at Avago/Broadcom, growing it to a healthy $150M+/year business. He also led the product marketing efforts for structured ASICs at Altera and was instrumental in the design and development of multiple devices at National Semiconductor. Ganesh holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and a MS (EE) from Mississippi State University.