Laszlo Balogh
Corporate Fellow, ON Semiconductor

Laszlo is a Corporate Fellow, Member of the Technical Staff at ON Semiconductor with more than 30 years of experience in power supply design, power system engineering and power management integrated circuit architecture development.

His professional interests include all aspects of switch mode power conversion technology. In recent years, Laszlo focuses on wide band gap semiconductor echo systems and their impact on converter topologies and control algorithms.

Laszlo has authored many conference papers and application notes, has numerous granted and pending patents.

He is most well know through his contributions to industry leading power supply design seminars since his early days at Unitrode, Texas Instruments, Fairchild and recently at ON Semiconductors.

Session Abstracts:
The Quest for Power Density: In recent days power density became an important and increasingly universal figure of merit of power supply and power system innovation and performance. Achieving high power density implies the utilization of the latest topological advances in power conversion, employing state of the art control methods and using the best semiconductor technology available for the designer.

In this paper and corresponding presentation we endeavor on a journey connecting these pieces of the puzzle to obtain high power density. We will take a look at the latest trends of power supply design, technological benefits and cost advantages of designing for high power density and how the latest semiconductor technologies – primarily GaN power switches – can help us to reach our ultimate goal of a high efficiency, high performance, high reliability and low cost solution.

Important details on critical characteristics of GaN devices, layout and drive requirements and application examples with waveforms will add practical aspects to the discussion.

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