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New Products

AC-DC Controllers & Regulators

NCP1399  Current Mode Resonant Controller with Integrated High Voltage Drivers

  • High frequency operation from 20 kHz up to 750 kHz
  • Current mode control scheme for improved transient response
  • Automatic dead−time with maximum dead−time Clamp for efficiency optimization

Image Sensors & Processors

KAI-08052  Interline Transfer CCD Image Sensor, 8.1 MP

  • Improved sensitivity in NIR wavelengths requiring less illumination
  • Pin compatible with KAI-08051 and other IT-CCDs
  • Bayer color, Sparse CFA, and monochrome versions

Audio/Video ASSP

LC786820E  LC786821E  Audio Signal Processor with USB Host Controller

  • Compressed MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC/SBC(LC786821E) decoder function
  • Integrated ARM7TDMI-S™ 32-bit microcontroller
  • USB host/device function (Full speed : 12Mbps), SD memory card host function, Bluetooth function (LC786821E)

DC-DC Controllers, Converters, & Regulators

NCP1871  Switching Battery Charger, NVDC, 2/3/4 Cell, with SMBus Interface

  • Full NMOS DC to DC Controller
  • Instant-On Works with No Battery or Deeply Discharged Battery
  • Programmable Charge Current, Charge Voltage, Input Current Limit with Interrupt Management

NCP81239  USB Power Delivery 4 Switch Buck Boost Controller

  • Supports USB-PD, QC2.0, and QC3.0 profiles
  • Switching frequency from 150 kHz to 1200 kHz for efficiency optimization
  • Programmable through I2C

Motor and Load Drivers

NCD5700  NCD5701  IGBT Gate Drivers, High-Current, Stand-Alone

  • High Current Output (+4 / -6 A) at IGBT Miller Plateau Voltages
  • Shorter and better matched propagation delay for higher system-level-reliability
  • DESAT Protection with programmable delay for enhanced programmable protection

LV8811G  LV8813G  LV8814J  Motor Driver, 3-pahse, PWM, Full-Wave, BLDC

  • Single hall sensor uses 180-degree drive method to enable low acoustic noise and start-up stability
  • Lead angle enables high efficiency for driving various motors
  • Wide operation supply voltage range (LV8811G/LV8814J); Stable start-up even with large load (LV8813G/LV8814J); Package without Exposed-pad (LV8814J)

LV8907UW  Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Controller with Gate Drivers

  • Sensor-less commutation control
  • Embedded closed loop speed controller for quick modifications without software
  • SPI interface for real-time parameterization and diagnostics

NCV7518  FLEXMOS Hex Low-Side MOSFET Pre-Driver

  • 16-bit SPI with parity and frame error detection
  • Ratiometric diagnostic references and currents to battery voltage
  • Scalable to load

LC898217XC  Auto Focus (AF) Controller

  • Closed-loop driver with integrated feedback for AF control
  • Integrated digital filter and equalizer enable various types of actuators
  • Integrated actuator linear compensation

Power Modules

STK984-190-E  MOSFET Power Module, 40 V, 30 A

  • Compact dual in-line package with low thermal resistance
  • Dedicated MOSFET for reverse battery protection
  • Suitable for 12 V systems with motors rated up to 300 W



  • Improved data transfer time with Fast-Plus mode (1000 kHz)
  • Available in 16 Kbit, 32 Kbit and 64 Kbit
  • Small WLCSP package to minimize board space

Diodes & Rectifiers

BAT41HT1G  Schottky Barrier Diode, 100 V

  • Low VF at the highest current levels for low voltage drop and low power dissipation
  • Low reverse leakage current (IR) for low power drain
  • Low reverse recovery time (Trr) for fast switching speed


EFC4C002NL  30 V Power MOSFET for 3-Cell Lithium-ion Battery Protection

  • Ultra Low On-Resistance of 2.6 mΩ for improved efficiency
  • Gate Charge of 45 nC enables fast startup
  • Small WLCSP package for space constrained designs

NVC3S5A51PLZ  Power MOSFET, -60 V, -1.8 A, P-Channel

  • Low on-resistance of 250 mΩ to minimize conduction losses
  • Small package to minimize the board space
  • High ESD protection with embedded protection diode

NSVJ3557SA3  NSVJ2394SA3  N-Channel JFET, 15 V, 10 to 32 mA

  • High forward transfer admittance of 35 mS and 38 mS, respectively, for reception of the small signals
  • Low noise performance contributes to clear signal transmission
  • Small Ciss suitable for use with AM Radio frequency band

NSVJ3910SB3  N-Channel JFET, -25 V, 20 mA to 40 mA

  • High forward transfer admittance of 40 mS for reception of the small signals
  • High breakdown voltage enables robust circuit design
  • Low noise performance contributes to clear signal transmission

NVATS5A106PLZ  NVATS5A112PLZ  NVATS5A113PLZ  NVATS5A304PLZ  P-Ch Power MOSFETs for Automotive, -40 V to -60 V

  • Low on-resistance as low as 6.5 mΩ
  • High current capability of -120 A
  • 100% avalanche tested to safeguard against overstress failures

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