Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) require sensors with higher functionality to meet the evolving standards for car safety. The HayabusaTM image sensor platform brings new levels of performance and image quality to ADAS & Autonomous applications. Providing both viewing and sensing capabilities and built on a common pixel architecture Hayabusa image sensors reduce customer development time and effort across automotive imaging applications.


  • Common Architecture and Pixel Platform: 1.3 MP - 3.1 MP Options
  • Simultaneous Flicker Elimination
  • 95 dB Single Exposure with LED Flicker Mitigation
  • Ultra High Dynamic Range Back Side Illumination (BSI) Technology (>140dB)
  • Super-Exposure Technology for Demanding Conditions
  • Automotive Image Sensors (AIS):
    • AECQ100 Grade 2
    • ISO26262 ASIL-B (SEOOC) (AS0149 sensor only)
    • Multiple packages : CFA, CRA options

Technical Documents

Super−Exposure Pixels Mitigate LED Flicker in the Most Demanding Automotive Environments

onsemi utilizes image sensors with pixel overflow approach, also known as super exposure, that uses very large in−pixel overflow memory to extend dynamic range many times and achieve 120 dB LED flicker free operation.

Automotive 3 μm HDR Image Sensor With LFM and Distance Functionality

We described a 3 μm super-exposure pixel 1.3-MP CMOS image sensor for automotive application that provided for up to 140 dB high dynamic range (HDR) coverage with multiexposure operation, as well as effective HDR with LED flicker mitigation (LFM) operation.

MARS: Modular Automotive Reference System

Evaluation Kit

The Modular Automotive Reference System (MARS) is a complete imaging solution for camera system developers and software developers working on automotive imaging applications.

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