onsemi will conduct five live Power Webinars in Mandarin from October 29 to November 26. All technical presentations will discuss how to optimize power efficiency and system performance through different topics including power factor, modeling, simulation, verification, LLC resonance, and synchronous rectification, to help power design engineers address energy efficiency challenges and meet different application requirements.

Learn About Comprehensive Practical Application Examples

Our power experts will share technical and practical presentations of relevant topic(s), including new and advanced power supply concepts, helping you grasp the tutorial review of fundamental design principles, and practical application examples.

What Should You Expect?

Attendees will receive in-depth theoretical and practical discussions on each topic and the pros and cons of different solutions, to help your design improve energy efficiency and system performance.


Please click each topic below for details and select one or more live webinar(s) to join:

Full Schedule

Date/Time Topics (to be presented in Mandarin)
Oct. 29,
• Comparing Bridgeless versus Interleaved Power Factor Correction Register
Nov. 5, 14:30 • Physically Based, Scalable SPICE Modeling Methodologies for Modern Power Electronic Devices
• Using Physical and Scalable Simulation Models to Evaluate Parameters and Application Results
Nov. 12, 14:30 • Analysis, Simulation and Experiments Pave the Road to Success
• Control Loop Design and Easy Verification Method
Nov. 19, 14:30 • Introduction to LLC Resonant Converters
• Synchronous Rectification Implementation
Nov. 26, 14:30 • 3-Phase PFC for 10kW Industrial and Automotive Applications Register

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