onsemi is a great place to work. We celebrate our culture, our people and our future.
  • We are committed to diversity and inclusion, recognizing that our company is at its strongest when it effectively draws upon the wide variety of experiences, knowledge, culture and backgrounds from all employees and leaders.
  • Our goal is to be known as a great learning company, embedding learning into our business and growth strategy and incorporating learning into everything we do.
  • We have a long history of focusing on technical innovation, which includes patent programs and investing in technology. However, innovation is much more than just those things. We are striving for innovation in all aspects of our business.
  • Culture at onsemi connects everything.

A Bold Strategy for Growth

When onsemi spun off from Motorola in 1999, we were in survival mode and operating off a strategy of "playing not to lose". In our November 2013 Board Meeting, our board rejected our proposed strategic plan and challenged us to create a more aggressive plan that would double our current market share. Following the November 2013 Board Meeting, we have evolved from “playing not to lose” to “playing to win” thanks to the hard work and persevering efforts from our global employees and their strong character.

  • Aggressive/Bold: We have grown over 5 times from a revenue perspective in a relatively short period of time through both organic and inorganic growth
  • Proactive: Delivering innovative products and solutions
  • Confident/Assuring: Maintaining a leadership position in mature markets; entering the Fortune 500
  • Courageous: Investing resources to win in strategic growth markets: Automotive, Industrial, Communications

20 Reasons to Celebrate 20 Years of onsemi


Competent & Caring Colleagues

We all win when we support each other.


Delivering Customer & Shareholder Value

We are a premier supplier of high-performance silicon solutions for energy-efficient electronics.


Innovation in Everything We Do

Innovation is about doing things differently and looking at things differently. Making innovation a cultural priority at ON Semiconductor will be a game changer.


Superior Products & Services

There are countless examples of product breakthroughs involving our technology. Every employee is personally responsible for ensuring the highest quality of our products and services.


Manufacturing Excellence & Quality

Celebrating people who work in our factories lets us show our appreciation of their efforts and our pride in their results.


Growth through Acquisitions

Cherry, LSI, Analog Devices, AMI, Catalyst, PulseCore, CMD, Sound Design, Cypress, Truesense, Aptina, Axsem, Fairchild, mmWave, SensL, Quantenna.


Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement

It is in our DNA to identify, plan, execute and review consistently, leading to more revenue and decrease in risk and cost.


Engineering Excellence

Our engineers are true problem solvers with value added technical expertise and rapid resolution.


Learning Mindset

We help empower our employees through opportunities to learn more about the business, improve their core competencies and skills, and help them get what they want out of their career.



We mean what we say and say what we mean. Our reputation depends on the highest standards of ethical behavior. We are accountable.


Playing to Win

We do what it takes to move forward and win.



We intentionally see challenges as opportunities and experiment.


Community Partnerships

We are dedicated to corporate social responsibility in the areas of disaster relief, health, human services, environment and STEAM education.


Environmental Sustainability

We invest in energy efficiency, waste reduction, green savings projects and pollution prevention.



We treat each other with dignity and respect. We share information and encourage different views in an open and honest environment.


Great Place to Work

We are building a high-trust workplace culture that engages employees and drives business results.



We value people who demonstrate a positive “cando” attitude, while collaborating to win. We work intelligently with a sense of urgency.


Fortune 500 Powerhouse

We are a premier supplier of high-performance silicon solutions for energy-efficient electronics in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, LED lighting, medical, military/ aerospace, and power applications.


Diversity & Inclusion

We draw out the best in each other, recognizing that diversity of backgrounds and experiences are strengths.


We are a Success Story

We have a strong history since our beginning in 1999. The company is doing very well. Let’s keep this positive momentum for the next 20 years.