onsemi’s manufacturing scrap reclamation operations are considered by refiners to be "Best in Class".

Our global reclaim objectives reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability and resource conservation while optimizing our network, protecting our intellectual property, and maximizing and recapturing profits.

Subcontractors are required to return dies (or wafers), trimmings in assembly, and rejected units from assembly and test fall-outs that are considered onsemi property. The manufacturing scrap processed are separated into two categories: precious metals bearing material and non-precious metal bearing material. Precious metal bearing materials include scrapped devices, spent bead blast material, gold targets, wire and evaporator metallic, platinum targets and evaporator metallic, and printed circuit boards. Precious metals have high intrinsic value. They include gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium in any form, but not limited to salts, pellets, targets, flakes and wires. Non-precious metal bearing materials include copper and alloy 42 lead frames, plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, silicon, and copper wire and tubing.

Our sites work with local vendors to sell or recycle the material recovered in the manufacturing scrap reclaim operation.

Operation Controls

Very Tight Internal Controls Process (SOX404)

  • Extensive scrap tracking database
  • Weights verified at multiple points
  • Product scrap destruction witnessed
  • Refiner processing and settlement scrutinized
  • Independent analyses performed by RC
  • Ensure product scrap does NOT hit black market

Environmental Controls

  • Minimize environmental liability
  • Provide environmental reports
  • Minimize material sent to land fill

Manufacturing Scrap Processed

Precious Metal Bearing Material

  • Scrapped devices
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Gold targets, wire, and evaporator metallics
  • Platinum targets and evaporator metallics
  • Spent bead blast material

Non-Precious Metal Bearing Material

  • Copper and Alloy 42 lead frames
  • Copper wire and tubing
  • Silicon
  • Aluminum
  • Targets
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic