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Data Interfaces - Transmission and Control

ON Semiconductor offers modems and transceivers, sensor interfaces, I/O expanders, and smart card and SIM card interfaces.

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Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC)  (1)
8-bit, 8-channel analog to digital converter devices.
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Digital Potentiometers (POTs)  (36)
Digital POTs and rheostats, with up to 256 taps.
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Modems & Transceivers  (43)

Modulators - Demodulators - Modems - Transceivers

Modems and transceivers for a variety of data transmission protocols, including FlexRayTM, KNX, LIN, CAN, MAU, HART and Power Line Carrier (PLC).

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Sensor Interfaces  (4)
GFCI controllers and dual variable reluctance sensor interface devices.
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Smart Card & SIM Card Interfaces  (8)
Smart card interface devices, and SIM card interfaces for SIM card supply circuits.
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New Products

NCN5110  NCN5121  NCN5130  KNX Bit Transceivers for Twisted Pair Networks

  • Integrated 20 V linear regulator
  • Two integrated DC-DC converters
  • High current capability, 48 mA