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Signal Interfaces - Switches - POTs

ON Semiconductor offers analog switches, digital POTs, sensor interfaces, and smart card and SIM card interfaces.

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Analog Switches  (93)

Audio Switches - Data Switches - Signal Switches

Analog switches that function as analog multiplexers and demultiplexers, for audio, data, and signals.
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Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC)  (1)
8-bit, 8-channel analog to digital converter devices.
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Digital Potentiometers (POTs)  (40)
Digital POTs and rheostats, with up to 256 taps.
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Sensor Interfaces  (2)
GFCI controllers.
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Smart Card & SIM Card Interfaces  (8)
Smart card interface devices, and SIM card interfaces for SIM card supply circuits.
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