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Light, Image, & Touch Sensors

ON Semiconductor supplies custom and standard CCD and CMOS image sensors, contact image sensor modules, ambient light sensors, proximity sensors, and touch sensors.

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Ambient Light Sensors  (8)
Ambient light sensors and proximity sensors with high sensitivity for mobile, consumer, and industrial applications.
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Image Sensors  (122)
CMOS image sensors and CCD image sensors for automotive, consumer, industrial, & security imaging applications.

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Contact Image Sensor Modules  (5)
Contact image senor modules that integrate a light source, lens, and image sensor in a compact housing.
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PYTHON5000  CMOS Image Sensor, Global Shutter, 5.3 MP

  • Support Low Noise “Pipelined” and “Triggered” Global Shutter Readout Modes
  • Reduced Noise and Increased Dynamic Range
  • High Configurability