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Relay Drivers - Load Drivers - MOSFET Drivers - IGBT Drivers - LCD Display Drivers - LED Drivers - Motor Drivers

ON Semiconductor offers high power and low power drivers, for applications ranging from portable consumer electronics to automotive and industrial systems.

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Integrated Driver & MOSFET  (3)

Power Stages

Integrated drivers with high-side and low-side MOSFETs.
Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Application Notes (1) Package Drawings (3)
Data Sheets (4)  
Load / Relay Drivers  (18)

Load Drivers - Relay Drivers - Pre-Drivers

Drivers and pre-drivers for inductive load drive and relay drive circuits.
Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Design Notes (1) Data Sheets (26)
Application Notes (2) Package Drawings (15)
Simulation Models (16) Evaluation/Development Tools (1)
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MOSFET / IGBT Drivers  (42)

MOSFET Drivers - IGBT Drivers

MOSFET drivers and IGBT drivers for low side, high side, and half-bridge drive circuits.

Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Design & Development Tools (1) Collateral Brochures (2)
Reference Designs (1) Data Sheets (62)
Design Notes (1) Package Drawings (19)
Application Notes (8) Evaluation/Development Tools (8)
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Motor Drivers  (295)

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), DC, Brushless, Servo, Variable Reluctance, and Stepper Motor Drivers

Variety of dc motor control devices.

Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Software (2) Data Sheets (346)
Design Notes (1) Package Drawings (133)
Tutorials (4) Videos (5)
Application Notes (77) Evaluation Board Documents (1)
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New Products

STK672-630AN-E  STK672-632AN-E  STK672-630CN-E  STK672-640CN-E  Unipolar 2-Phase Stepper Motor Drivers

  • Integrated stepping controller
  • Integrated protection against over-current and over-heat (all); and motor terminal open (CN versions)
  • Integrated current detection resistors

NCV7518  FLEXMOS Hex Low-Side MOSFET Pre-Driver

  • 16-bit SPI with parity and frame error detection
  • Ratiometric diagnostic references and currents to battery voltage
  • Scalable to load