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Audio/Video ASSP

Audio ASSP - Video ASSP

ON Semiconductor supplies a variety of audio/video ASSP, including audio and audiology DSP systems, LCD display controllers, and LCD segment drivers.

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Audio ASSP  (22)


Application-specific standard products (ASSP) including FM receivers, volume controllers, and modulators and demodulators.
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Audio DSP Systems  (14)

BelaSigna® Audio Processors

Range of ultra-low power, fully programmable audio DSP systems.

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Display Controllers  (9)

LCD Controllers

LCD on-screen display controllers.
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LCD Drivers  (42)

LCD Drivers - Segment Drivers

LCD segment drivers, ranging from static to 1/10 duty cycle, as well as dot matrix drivers.
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MMICs  (7)

Monolithic Microwave ICs (MMICs)

Wideband amplifier, low noise amplifier and mixer MMICs for a wide variety of high frequency applications.
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New Products

LC823450  Low Power & High-Resolution Audio Processing System

  • 32-bit & 192 kHz audio processing capability enables support of high-resolution audio
  • Integrated ARM Cortex®-M3 Dual Core and proprietary DSP enable implementation of high-performance audio applications
  • Hard wired audio functions enable low power audio processing (Reference: 4.86 mA @ 128 Kbps, 44.1 kHz MP3 hardware playback)

BELASIGNA R281  Always-Listening, Voice Trigger Audio Processor

  • Ultra-low power consumption (>300 µW)
  • Supports single, user-trained, trigger phrase detection
  • Available in miniature form-factors and easy design-in