Audio/Video ASSP

ON Semiconductor supplies a variety of audio/video ASSP, including display controllers and modulator/demodulator ICs.

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Audio ASSP  (18)
Variety of audio ASSP for FM receiver, door phone and intercom applications.
Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Application Notes (7) Evaluation Board Documents (1)
Data Sheets (35) Evaluation/Development Tools (7)
Package Drawings (21)  
Audio DSP Systems  (9)

BelaSigna® Audio Processors

Range of ultra-low power, fully programmable audio DSP systems. The R-Series extends the product line with ready-to-go solutions for communication devices requiring voice clarity and intelligibility.
Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Software (3) Data Sheets (14)
Application Notes (13) Package Drawings (13)
Audiology DSP Systems  (7)

Audiology Processors

Complete range of audiology DSP systems for hearing aids
Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Design & Development Tools (1) Collateral Brochures (1)
Software (2) Data Sheets (17)
Reference Designs (2) Package Drawings (3)
Application Notes (22) Conformance Reports (2)
Display Controllers  (8)
LCD on-screen display controllers.
Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Tutorials (1) Package Drawings (13)
Data Sheets (11) Videos (1)
MMICs  (7)

Monolithic Microwave ICs (MMICs)

Wideband amplifier, low noise amplifier and mixer MMICs for a wide variety of high frequency applications.
Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Data Sheets (7) Package Drawings (2)
Modulators / Demodulators  (5)
Modulator/demodulator devices for receivers, door phones, and intercom applications.
Technical Documentation & Design Resources
Application Notes (1) Package Drawings (4)
Data Sheets (4)  
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