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CS4192: Single Air-Core Gauge Driver

Datasheet: Single Air-Core Gauge Driver
Rev. 7 (83.0kB)
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Product Overview
Product Description
The CS4192 is a monolithic BiCMOS integrated circuit used to translate a digital 10?bit word from a microprocessor/microcontroller to complementary DC outputs. The DC outputs drive an air?core meter commonly used in vehicle instrument panels. The 10 bits of data are used to linearly control the quadrature coils of the meter directly with a 0.35? resolution and +/-1.2? accuracy over the full 360? range of the gauge. The interface from the microcontroller is by a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible serial connection using up to a 2.0 MHz shift clock rate.

The digital code, which is directly proportional to the desired gauge pointer deflection, is shifted into a DAC and multiplexer. These two blocks provide a tangential conversion function to change the digital data into the appropriate DC coil voltage for the angle demanded. Thetangential algorithm creates approximately 40% more torque in the meter movement than does a sin?cos algorithm at 45?, 135?, 225?, and 315? angles. This increased torque reduces the error due to pointer droop at these critical angles.

Each output buffer is capable of supplying up to 70 mA per coil and the buffers are controlled by a common OE enable pin. The output buffers are turned off when OE is brought low, while the logic portion of the chip remains powered and continues to operate normally. OE must be high before the falling edge of CS to enable the output buffers. The status pin (ST) reflects the state of the outputs and is low whenever the outputs are disabled.

The Serial Gauge Driver is self?protected against fault conditions. Each driver is protected for 125 mA (typ.) overcurrent while a global thermal protection circuit limits junction temperature to 170?C (typ.). The output drivers are disabled anytime the IC protection circuitry detects an overcurrent or overtemperature fault. The drivers remain disabled until a falling edge is presented on CS. If the fault is still present, the output drivers automa
  • Serial Input Bus
  • 2.0 MHz Operating Frequency
  • Tangential Drive Algorithm
  • 70 mA Drive Circuits
  • 0.5° Accuracy (Typ.)
  • Power–On–Reset
  • Protection Features
    – Output Short Circuit
    – Overtemperature
  • Internally Fused Leads in SO–16L Package
  • Pb-Free Packages are Available
Technical Documentation & Design Resources
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Availability and Samples
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Case Outline
CS4192XDWF16G Last Shipments
Halide free
Single Air-Core Gauge Driver SOIC-16W 751G-03 3 Tube 47  
CS4192XDWFR16G Last Shipments
Halide free
Single Air-Core Gauge Driver SOIC-16W 751G-03 3 Tape and Reel 1000  
CS4192XDWF16 Last Shipments
Single Air-Core Gauge Driver SOIC-16W 751G-03 1 Tube 47  
CS4192XDWFR16 Last Shipments
Single Air-Core Gauge Driver SOIC-16W 751G-03 1 Tape and Reel 1000  
Moisture Sensitivity level (MSL) for surface mount devices (lead free measured at 260°C reflow, non lead free at 235°C reflow)
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