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Document ID/Size
2A Ultra-Small Controlled Load Switch with Auto-Discharge Path NCP435/D (644kB) 5
ESD Protection Diode - Micro-Packaged Diodes for ESD Protection ESD5B5.0ST1/D (60kB) 7
ESD Protection Diode - Micro-Packaged Diodes for ESD Protection ESD5Z2.5T1/D (65kB) 15
ESD Protection Diode, Micro-Packaged Diodes for ESD Protection ESD9X3.3ST5G/D (147kB) 9
ESD Protection Diode, Ultra-Low Capacitance ESDR0502B/D (162kB) 5
ESD Protection Diode- Low Capacitance Surface Mount ESD Protection for High-Speed Data Interfaces NUP4106/D (145kB) 1
ESD Protection Diodes ESD7108/D (110kB) 0
ESD Protection Diodes - Ultra Small SOT-723 Package UESD3.3DT5G/D (129kB) 5
Overvoltage Up to +30 V and Down to -30 V with Load Switch Function NCP373/D (172.0kB) 2
USB Positive Overvoltage Protection Controller with Internal PMOS FET and Overcurrent Protection NCP361/D (342kB) 5
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