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1.0 A, Adjustable Output Voltage, Step-Down Switching Regulator LM2575/D (492.0kB) 11
1A, Low IGND, Very Low Dropout Voltage Regulator (VLDO), with/without Enable NCP690/D (171kB) 10
20 V, 5 A, Low Vce(sat), PNP Transistor NSS20300MR6T1G/D (129.0kB) 2
3.0 A, 15 V, Step-Down Switching Regulator LM2576/D (275.0kB) 8
40 V, 7.0 A, LOW VCE(sat) PNP Transistor NSS40600CF8/D (98.0kB) 4
Boost Converter Sync-Rect, PFM, DC-DC, True-Cutoff, Ring-Killer 600 mA NCP1421/D (181kB) 7
Buck / Boost / Inverting Converter, Switching Regulator, 1.5 A NCP3063/D (358.0kB) 9
Buck Converter - Low Voltage, Synchronization Capability 1.5 A, 260 kHz NCV51411/D (245kB) 16
Enhanced Current Mode PWM Controller (36-72V Telecom) CS51021A/D (129.0kB) 6
Fast P-Ch FET Buck Controller CS51031/D (95.0kB) 11
High Performance, Integrated Current Mode PWM Controllers CS5124/D (168.0kB) 7
Integrated DC-DC Converter - Power over Ethernet and Telecom NCP1030/D (244kB) 11
Inverting Regulator - Buck, Boost, Switching 1.5 A MC34063A/D (1266kB) 24
Linear Regulator - Dual Output, Low Dropout 250 mA NCP5504/D (129kB) 4
Low VCE(sat) Transistor, NPN, 40 V, 5.0 A NSS40501UW3/D (104.0kB) 5
Low VCE(sat) Transistor, PNP, 12 V, 8.0 A NSS12500UW3/D (108.0kB) 1
MOSFET — Power, P-Channel, ChipFET -20 V, -5.3 A NTHS5441T1/D (117kB) 13
MOSFET — Power, Single, N-Channel, TSOP-6 30 V, 7.0 A NTGS4141N/D (130kB) 6
MOSFET — Power, Single, P-Channel, SC-70, -8.0 V, -1.4 A NTS2101P/D (114kB) 2
MOSFET — Single, P-Channel, Small Signal, Gate Zener, SC-75, SC-89 -20 V, -760 mA NTA4151P/D (124kB) 8
P-Channel Power MOSFET, -12V, -9.5A, 16mOhm, Single ECH8 ECH8309/D (302.0kB) 1
P-Channel Power MOSFET, -20V, -3A, 83mOhm, Single CPH3 ENA0151/D (290kB) 2
P-Channel Power MOSFET, -20V, -4A, 83mohm, Single MCPH6 MCH6321/D (1056kB) 2
Power MOSFET 4.4 Amps, 20 Volts NTGS3443T1/D (106.0kB) 5
RB521S30-D.pdf RB521S30/D (349kB) A
Schottky Barrier Diode RB520S30T1/D (52kB) 11
Schottky Barrier Diodes, 23V, Low Vf, SOD323 NSR0320MW2T1/D (86kB) 7
Synchronous Buck Controller, 28 V NCP3020/D (773kB) 7
Voltage Regulator - High Accuracy, Ultra Low Iq, Adjustable, Low Dropout 500 mA NCP3334/D (126kB) 2
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