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Document Title
Document ID/Size
Automotive Inductive Load Driver NUD3124/D (159kB) 13
Brushless DC Motor Controller MC33035/D (405kB) 9
Door-Module Driver-IC NCV7707/D (307kB) 4
Door-Module Driver-IC (Lock Driver-IC) NCV7710/D (234kB) 0
Dual Half-Bridge Driver with Parallel Input Control NCV7721/D (90kB) 3
Industrial Inductive Load Driver NUD3160/D (152kB) 8
Intelligent Power Module (IPM), 40 V, 20 A STK984-090A-E/D (670kB) 2
LIN Microstepping Motor Driver AMIS-30623/D (669.0kB) 7
MOSFET Power Module, 40 V, 30 A, Compact DIP STK984-190-E/D (692kB) 0
Micro-stepping Motor Driver   NCV70627/D (553kB) 3
Micro-stepping Motor Driver NCV70628/D (508kB) 0
Micro-stepping Motor Driver NCV70517/D (281kB) 0
Micro-stepping Motor Driver NCV70516/D (330kB) 1
Micro-stepping Motor Driver NCV70514/D (384kB) 6
Mirror-Module Driver-IC NCV7705/D (263kB) 1
Multi-purpose BLDC Pre-driver, For Automotive LV8968BBUW/D (327kB) 3
Precision Air-Core Tach/Speedo Driver with Return to Zero CS8190/D (120kB) 8
Quad Low-Side Relay Driver NCV7750/D (276kB) 1
SPI Controlled H-bridge and Dual-Half Bridge Pre-Driver NCV7535/D (242kB) 1
Sensor-less Three-phase Brushless DC Motor Controller, with Gate Drivers, for Automotive LV8907UW/D (826kB) 2
Triple Half-Bridge Driver with SPI Control NCV7703B/D (137kB) 4
Triple Half-Bridge Driver with SPI Control   NCV7703C/D (222kB) 5
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