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System-level simulations of complex power electronic applications are critical for first-time-right design. onsemi's Self-Service PLECS Model Generator enables engineers to create custom high-fidelity PLECS models. Use them in your simulation platform or upload to Elite Power Simulator for seamless simulation.

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Hard and Soft Switching

Typical industry system-level simulators employ PLECS models valid only for hard switching, rendering simulation results for soft-switching applications highly inaccurate. onsemi has advanced the state-of-the-art through industry-first PLECS models that are valid for both hard and soft switching applications such as DC-DC LLC and CLLC Resonant, Dual Active Bridge, and Phase Shifted Full Bridge.

Custom Application Parasitics

Tailored to the user-specified application circuit parasitics which significantly influence conduction and switching energy losses.

High-Density Broad Table

Tailored to user-specified electrical bias and temperature conditions for conduction and switching energy loss data. Users can create dense tables to ensure accurate interpolation and avoid inaccurate extrapolation in their system simulations.

Corner Models

Our corner models are valid at typical and corner conditions for the product, enabling users to track application performances in worst, nominal, and best-case fabrication conditions of the conduction and switching energy losses.

A fast and intuitive online simulation environment is available by simply logging in to MyON (register here).

User Guide

Instructions to use features effectively, optimizing systems for efficiency/performance.

Application Note

Key differentiators of the Elite Power Simulator and Self-Service PLECS Model Generator, and how to embed it to a real simulation environment.


Our tutorials guide you how to use our simulation tools and apply them to your system evaluations.

EliteSiC Family

onsemi Silicon Carbide (SiC) products offer superior performance and exacting quality standards of products.


onsemi's latest Field Stop 7 (FS7) IGBTs deliver leading performance for automotive and industrial markets.

PowerTrench® T10 MOSFETs

T10 MOSFETs deliver industry leading RDS (on), higher power density, reducing switching losses, and better thermal performance.

Leveraging Novel Physically Based, Scalable SPICE Modeling Methodologies

With years of simulation expertise, onsemi’s physical scalable SPICE models provide a fast and efficient way to simulate the behavior of SiC devices in a power electronics circuit, reducing the time required for product development.

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Physically scalable SPICE models consider the physical structure of the modeled component, resulting in a more accurate representation of its behavior in the circuit. This is particularly important for new technology nodes where traditional models may not be accurate enough.

Physically based SPICE models are scalable to different technology nodes, meaning that the same model can be used to simulate a component in other process technologies, reducing the time and effort required to create new models for each technology node.

Users can predict the circuit’s performance more accurately, which helps identify and fix performance bottlenecks early in the design process.

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