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Active Clamp Flyback Design Tool_DCDC   Active Clamp Flyback Design Tool_DCDC (2187kB) 0 Aug, 2021
DC DC Converter Buck NCV6323F Demo Board Gerber Files NCV6323F_DEVB Gerber (195kB) 0 Dec, 2020
DC DC Converter Buck NCV6323F Demo/Eval board BOM NCV6323F_DEVB BOM (12kB) 1 Dec, 2020
DC DC Converter Buck NCV6323F Demo/Eval board schematic diagram NCV6323F_DEVB Schematic Diagram (27kB) 0 Dec, 2020
Design Aid for NCP1566 Feedback Loop Mathcad Feedback Design Aid (193kB) 1 Apr, 2019
FAN5069-Design-Aids FAN5069-Design-Aids (212kB) 0
FAN65004C-GEVB Bill of materials (ROHS Compliant) FAN65004C-GEVB Bill of materials (ROHS Compliant) (387kB) 0 Oct, 2019
FAN7688 and NCP4390 Loop Gain Transfer Function Calculator FAN7688-and-NCP4390-Loop-Gain-Transfer-Function-Calculator (564kB) 2 Jun, 2021
LLC-Resonant-Converter-Design-Tool-for-NCP4390-and-FAN7688   LLC-Resonant-Half-Bridge-Converter-Design-Tool-for-FAN7688 (504kB) 1.6 Aug, 2021
MC33163 PCB Layout MC33163 PCB.ORCAD (12.0kB) 0
MC34063 Design Worksheet MC34063 DWS.XLS (283.0kB) 0
Mathcad Feedback Design for NCV1060 Mathcad Feedback Design for NCP1060 (132kB) 1 Jan, 2019
NCP/NCV1362 Design Worksheet (AC input) - MathCad NCP/NCV1362 Design Worksheet - MathCad (675kB) 0 Jan, 2019
NCP/NCV1362 Design Worksheet (DC input) - MathCad NCP/NCV1362 Design Worksheet (DC input) - MathCad (638kB) 1 Sep, 2020
NCP1034 Design Worksheet NCP1034 DWS.XLS (1895.0kB) 0
NCP103x Design Worksheet NCP103X DWS.XLS (330.0kB) 2
NCP108x Design Worksheet NCP108X DWS.XLS (729.0kB) 2
NCP108x SCILAB SCRIPT for Calculating External Components in Flyback Design NCP108X SCILAB SCRIPT (13.0kB) 0
NCP12700 Design Tool NCP12700 Design Tool (168kB) 1 May, 2019
NCP1562 Design Worksheet NCP1562 DWS.XLS (237.0kB) 5
NCP1568D DC-DC Active Clamp Flyback Excel Design Tool NCP1568D Design Tool (616kB) 1 Jan, 2021
NCP1592 Design Worksheet NCP1592 COMPCALC (2.0kB) 0
NCP3011 Ceramic CompCalc Files NCP3011 CERAMIC COMPCALC FILES (9.0kB) 0
NCP3011 Demo Board CompCalc File NCP3011 DEMO BOARD COMPCALC FILE (1.0kB) 0
NCP3020 Design Worksheet NCP3020 COMPCALC FILES (3.0kB) 0
NCP3063 Design Worksheet NCP3063 DWS.XLS (272kB) 5
NCP3065 Design Worksheet NCP3065 DWS.XLS (134.0kB) 0
NCP3066 Design Worksheet NCP3066 DWS.XLS (133.0kB) 0
NCP3163 Design Worksheet NCP3163 DWS.XLS (240.0kB) 4
NCP3170 Design Worksheet NCP3170 DWS.XLS (1468.0kB) 6
NCP3170 Model for Power Calcs NCP3170 POWER CALCS (1518kB) 7 Feb, 2014
NCP3230 Design Tool NCP3231 Design Aid (101kB) 0 Jun, 2016
NCP3231A Design Aid NCP3231A Design Aid (101kB) 1 Nov, 2016
NCP3237 Design Aid Rev1.3 NCP3237 Design Aid (95kB) 0 Jun, 2021
NCP3284 Design Aid ncp3284 Design Aid (4146kB) 1 Feb, 2020
NCP5252 Design Worksheet NCP5252 DWS.XLS (1090.0kB) 1
NCP81231 Register Map NCP81231 Register Map (64kB) 5 Apr, 2018
NCP81239 Register Map NCP81239 Register Map (31kB) 4 Nov, 2017
NCV6323EVB_GERBER.ZIP NCV6323EVB_Gerber (47kB) 0
NCV881930 Excel Spreadsheet IC Power Dissipation Design Tool NCV881930 Excel Spreadsheet IC Power Dissipation Design Tool (296kB) 1 May, 2019
NCV8852 Design Worksheet NCV8852_design_tool (19kB) 1.1 Oct, 2015
NCV8870 Design Worksheet NCV8870_DWS.XLS (410kB) 1 Jun, 2014
NCV887100 Design Worksheet NCV8871 DWS.XLS (401kB) 3 Jun, 2019
NCV887200 Design Worksheet NCV887200 BOOST CONVERTER DESIGN WORKSHEET (409kB) 2 Jun, 2014
NCV8873 Design Worksheet NCV8873 Design Worksheet (400kB) 4 Dec, 2017
NCV8876 Design Worksheet NCV8876_DWS,XLS (412kB) 3 Nov, 2017
NCV8877 Design Worksheet NCV8877_DWS.XLS (404kB) 4 Dec, 2017
NCV8878 Design Worksheet NCV8878 Excel Spreadsheet Design Tool (411kB) 1 Nov, 2016
NCV890100/01/30/31 Design Worksheet - Continuous Conduction Mode NCV8901_00_01_30_31 design sheet (203kB) 2 Nov, 2014
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