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ADT7462EBZEVB Software ADT7462EBZEVB_SOFTWARE.ZIP (5800.0kB) 0
ADT7473EBZEVB Software ADT7473EBZEVB_SOFTWARE.ZIP (11213.0kB) 0
ADT7481EBZEVB Software ADT7481EBZEVB_SOFTWARE (5912kB) 0
AMIS3062x GUI Software AMIS3062X_GUI_SOFTWARE.ZIP (51542.0kB) 3.3.1
AR0130 Software Installer   AR0130_SW (3152kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
AR0134 Software Installer   AR0134_SW (3138kB) 6.1.5 Oct, 2021
AR0141CS Software Installer   AR0141CS_SW (3148kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
AR023ZM_SW.ZIP AR023ZM_SW (2459kB) 5.0.38 Nov, 2017
AR0330 Software Installer   AR0330_SW (3169kB) 6.1.5 Oct, 2021
AR0331 Software Installer   AR0331_SW (3184kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
AR0542 Software Installer   AR0542_SW (2260kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
AR0543 Software Installer   AR0543_SW (948kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
AR0833 Software Installer   AR0833_SW (3300kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
AR0835 Software Installer   AR0835_SW (3169kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
ARM.CMSIS-FreeRTOS.10.3.0 ARM.CMSIS-FreeRTOS.10.3.0 (46526kB) 0 Dec, 2019
ARM.CMSIS.5.6.0 ARM.CMSIS.5.6.0 (101097kB) 0 Dec, 2019
AS0260 Software Installer   AS0260_SW (3511kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
ASX340 Weighted Brightness Gamma 1 Register Log ASX340_weighted_brightness_gamma_1_register_log (8kB) 0
ASX340AT Software Installer   ASX340AT_SW (5380kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
ASX340CS Software Installer   ASX340CS_SW (5175kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
ASX344AT Software Installer   ASX344AT_SW (7997kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
ASX350AT Software Installer   ASX350AT_SW (5405kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
AX-ConfigurationUtility GUI tool for AXM0F343   AX-ConfigurationUtility (139123kB) 1.4 Oct, 2021
AX-IDE Development Tools for Windows, includes RadioLab and AXCodeBlocks IDE Locked AX-IDE Development Tools for Windows (375337kB) 1.27 Feb, 2021
AX-ParamCalc (Windows installer) AX-ParamCalc (Windows installer) (15437kB) 0
AX5031: AX-EasyPacket Software BASIC AX5031: AX-EasyPacket Software BASIC (12kB) 0
AX5043/AX5243, AX5045, AXM0F243, and AX8052F143 Documentation Pack AX5043/AX5243, AXM0Fxxx, and AX8052F1xx Documentation Pack (11381kB) 1.27 Feb, 2021
AX5051-AXGen2-RadioLab (Windows Installer) Locked AX5051-AXGen2-RadioLab (Windows Installer) (10306kB) 0
AXGen2-RadioLab (Windows Installer) Locked AXGen2-RadioLab (Windows Installer) (10328kB) 0
AXM0F343 SDK CMSIS Pack   AXM0F343 CMSIS-PACK (84283kB) 1.4.0 Oct, 2021
AXM0F343 SDK Getting Started Guide   AXM0F343 Getting Started Guide (1944kB) 1.4b Oct, 2021
AiViewer SW installer   AiViewer_sw (27698kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
BLE Explorer Locked   BLE Explorer (22225kB) 1 Nov, 2021
BLE-IOT-GEVB_FW_1_2_Software BLE-IOT-GEVB_FW_1_2_Software (4932kB) 0 Sep, 2018
BelaSigna R261 Tweaker BR261 TWEAKER (15078.0kB) 3.3.4
BelaSigna R262 Tweaker BR262 TWEAKER (15078.0kB) 3.3.4
BelaSigna R281 Demonstration Locked BelaSigna R281 Demo (18013kB) 0 Dec, 2017
BelaSigna R281 Integration Sample Code Locked BelaSigna R281 Integration Sample (1638kB) 0 Dec, 2017
CAT3626AEVB Software CAT3626AEVB_SOFTWARE.ZIP (17.0kB) 0
CAT3649AGEVB Software CAT3649AGEVB_SOFTWARE.ZIP (2888.0kB) 0
Clock Cruiser Software v3.0.0 Clock Cruiser Software v3.0.0 (22869kB) 3.0.0 Mar, 2017
Communication Accelerator Adaptor Drivers 1.3 Communication Accelerator Adaptor Drivers 1.3 (7588kB) 0
CompCalc : Circuit simulation and design software tool for DC-DC power design COMPCALC (1619.0kB) 3
Connected Lighting Platform FOTA Firmware LIGHTING-KIT_FOTA_IMAGES (753kB) 1 Feb, 2020
Connected Lighting Platform Getting Started Guide Connected Lighting Platform Getting Started Guide (1476kB) 1 Mar, 2020
DevSuite General Software Installer   DevSuite_SW (479193kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
DevSuite Quick Start Guide   DevSuite_QuickStartGuide (702kB) 64 Sep, 2021
DevSuite Release Notes   DevSuite_Rel_Notes (76kB) 6.1.6 Nov, 2021
DevSuite Sensor versions file   DevSuite_sensor_versions 4 Oct, 2021
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