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3 IPAK, Straight Lead 369AC (38kB) O Oct, 2019
3.5 mm IPAK, Straight Lead 369AD (40kB) B Oct, 2019
6 Pin WDFN, 2x2, 0.65P 506AZ (46kB) A May, 2019
8 Pin DFN, 3x3x0.75, 0.65P 506BC (45kB) A May, 2019
CP4 318BE (34kB) O Nov, 2019
CPH3 318BA (33kB) O Nov, 2019
CPH5 318BC (34kB) O Oct, 2019
CPH6 318BD (33kB) O Nov, 2019
CSP-4 568AK (39kB) O May, 2019
CSP6 1.77x3.54 / EFCP3517-6DGH-020 568AL (46kB) O May, 2019
ChipFET 1206A-03 (53kB) K Nov, 2019
D2PAK / TO-263-2L 418AP (43kB) O Oct, 2019
D2PAK 2 LEAD 418B-04 (51kB) L Nov, 2019
D2PAK-3 (TO-263, 3-LEAD) 418AJ (61kB) F
D2PAK7 (TO-263 7 LD) 418AY (141.8kB) C
D2PAK7 (TO-263-7LD) 15.4x9.9x4.5 221BP (142kB) A
DFN 3x3x0.9mm, 0.95p 506AH (46kB) O Oct, 2019
DFN* 3.3x3.3 (MICRO-8 LEADLESS) 846C-01 (50kB) D May, 2019
DFN5 5X6, 1.27P (SO 8FL) 488AA (27.3kB) N
DFN5 5x6, 1.27P (SO−8FL) 506EZ (55kB) A
DFN6 2x2, 0.65P 506DT (35kB) O Oct, 2019
DFN6 3*3 MM, 0.95 PITCH 506AG (42kB) O Nov, 2019
DFN8 3.3 x 3.3 mm Package 506AL (42kB) A Oct, 2019
DFN8 5.1x6.3, 1.27P 506DW (228kB) A
DFN8 5x6, 1.27P 506DR (41kB) O Oct, 2019
DFN8 5x6, 1.27P 506DP (95kB) O Nov, 2019
DFN8 5x6, 1.27P (SO8FL) 506BQ (45kB) C Nov, 2019
DFN8 5x6, 1.27P (SO8FL-Dual-Asymmetrical) 506BX (52kB) D Nov, 2019
DFN8 5x6, 1.27P Dual Flag (SO8FL-Dual) 506BT (51kB) E Nov, 2019
DFN8 5x6.15, 1.27P, DUAL COOL 506EG (213kB) D
DFNW5 5x6 (FULL-CUT SO8FL WF) 507BA (65kB) A
DPAK (SINGLE GAUGE) TO-252 369C (81kB) F
DPAK (Single Gauge) / ATPAK 369AM (42kB) O Oct, 2019
DPAK / TP-FA 369AH (41kB) O Oct, 2019
DPAK 4 LEAD Single Gauge Surface Mount 369AA (45kB) B Nov, 2019
DPAK 5 Center Lead Crop 175AA (47kB) B Oct, 2019
DPAK INSERTION MOUNT 369D (43kB) C Oct, 2019
DPAK INSERTION MOUNT 369 (43kB) C Oct, 2019
DPAK3 (IPAK) 369AR (40kB) O Oct, 2019
DPAK3 (STRAIGHT LEADS) 369AP (43kB) O Nov, 2019
DPAK3 (TO-252 3 LD) 369AS (164kB) O Oct, 2019
DPAK5 369AL (100kB) O Nov, 2019
H-PSOF8L 11.68x9.80 100CU (246kB) A Jan, 2020
H-PSOF8L 9.90x11.68, 1.20P 100DC (179kB) O
I2PAK (TO-262 3 LD) 418AV (89kB) O Nov, 2019
I2PAK / TO-262-3L 418AN (40kB) O Nov, 2019
IPAK / TP 369AJ (34kB) O Nov, 2019
LFPAK4 5x6 760AB (172kB) C
LFPAK8 3.3x3.3, 0.65P 760AD (200kB) E
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