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Document ID/Size
Revision Date
D2PAK 2 LEAD 418B-04 (51kB) L Nov, 2019
DPAK (SINGLE GAUGE) TO-252 369C (81kB) F
DPAK 4 LEAD Single Gauge Surface Mount 369AA (45kB) B Nov, 2019
DPAK INSERTION MOUNT 369 (43kB) C Oct, 2019
DPAK3 369AK (90kB) O Oct, 2019
SOT-223 (TO-261) 4 LEAD 0.0318 (59.6kB) R
SOT-223 4 LEAD 318H-01 (57kB) B May, 2020
SOT-23 318BM (152kB) A
SOT-23 (TO-236) 318-08 (45kB) AS Nov, 2019
SOT-23/SUPERSOT-23, 3 Lead, 1.4x2.9 527AG (122kB) A Dec, 2019
SOT-93 (T0-218) 4 LEAD 340D-02 (41kB) E Dec, 2019
TO-126-3LD 340AS (116kB) O Nov, 2019
TO-204 (TO-3) 1-07 (32kB) Z
TO-204 (TO-3) 197A-05 (57kB) K Feb, 2000
TO-220 3 LEAD FULLPAK 221D-03 (46kB) K Oct, 2019
TO-220 3 LEAD STANDARD 221A-09 (128kB) AJ
TO-220 Fullpack, 3-Lead / TO-220F-3FG 221AT (61kB) B Jan, 2021
TO-220-3LD 340AT (111kB) A Oct, 2019
TO-220-3LD 340AY (43kB) O Nov, 2019
TO-225 77-09 (46kB) AD Oct, 2019
TO-247 340L (69kB) G
TO-247 340L-02 (69kB) G
TO-3P-3LD / EIAJ SC-65, ISOLATED 340BZ (66kB) O Oct, 2019
TO-92 (TO-226) 1 WATT 29-10 (67kB) D
TO-92 (TO-226) 5.33mm Body Height 29-11 (59kB) AM Jan, 2021
TO-92 3 4.82x4.76 135AN (39kB) O Oct, 2019
TO-92 3 4.83x4.76 Leadformed 135AR (56kB) O Oct, 2019
TSOT23, 6-Lead, 2.9x1.6 419AG (47kB) O Oct, 2019
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