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12 Pin Flip-Chip, 2.02 x 1.54, 0.5P 499AU (43kB) O Nov, 2019
8 Pin Flip-Chip, 0.9x1.9 499BF (44kB) O May, 2019
MSOP8 EP, 3x3 846AM (68kB) A
Micro8 Surface Mount 846A-02 (56kB) K Jul, 2020
QFN14 3.0x2.5, 0.5P 510CB (48kB) O Nov, 2019
QFN50 10x5, 0.5P 485BW (46kB) O Sep, 2019
QSOP24 NB 492B-01 (57kB) a Oct, 2019
SC-88/SC70-6/SOT-363 6 LEAD 419B-02 (53kB) Y Oct, 2019
SC-88A (SC-70 5 Lead), 1.25x2 419AC (44kB) A Nov, 2019
SC-88A (SC-70-5 / SOT-353) 419A-02 (58.5kB) L
SIP6/MicroPak 1.45X1.0 127EB (80kB) O Nov, 2019
SOIC 16 LEAD 751B-05 (50kB) K Oct, 2019
SOIC-14 NB 751A-03 (49kB) L Oct, 2019
SOIC-20 WB 751D-05 (51kB) H Nov, 2019
SOIC-8 Narrow Body 751-07 (53kB) AK Oct, 2019
SOIC−24 WB 0.0751 (53.8kB) F
TSSOP 20 LEAD 9.48 (52kB) D Nov, 2019
TSSOP-14 WB 948G (51kB) C Nov, 2019
TSSOP-14 WB 948G-01 (51kB) C Nov, 2019
TSSOP-16 948F-01 (52kB) B Nov, 2019
TSSOP24 7.8x4.4, 0.65P 948H-01 (50kB) B Nov, 2019
TSSOP24, 4.4x7.8 948AR (39kB) A Oct, 2019
TSSOP48 12.5x6.1 948BQ (52kB) O Nov, 2019
TSSOP8, 4.4x3 948AL (39kB) revo Nov, 2019
UDFN20 4x2, 0.4P 517AK (44kB) O Nov, 2019
UDFN6 1.45x1, 0.5P 517AQ (58kB) O
UDFN6, 1.2 x 1.0, 0.4P 517AA (43kB) D Nov, 2019
UDFN6/MicroPak2 1x1, 0.35P 517DP (91kB) O Nov, 2019
UDFN8 1.45x1 0.35P 517BZ (41kB) O Nov, 2019
UDFN8 1.8x1.2, 0.4P 517AJ (41kB) O Nov, 2019
UQFN10 (MICROPAK) 1.6x2.1, 0.5P 523AZ (98kB) A Dec, 2019
UQFN12 1.8x1.8, 0.4P 523BE (93kB) O Nov, 2019
UQFN12 2.0x1.7, 0.4P 523AE (45kB) A Nov, 2019
UQFN16 1.8x2.6, 0.4P 523BF (101kB) O Oct, 2019
UQFN24 2.5x3.4, 0.4P 523AX (86kB) A Nov, 2019
UQFN8 1.6x1.6, 0.5P 523AN (43kB) O Nov, 2019
UQFN8 1.6x1.6, 0.5P 523AY (37kB) O Oct, 2019
UQFN8, 1.4x1.2, 0.4P 523AS (50kB) B
US8   493-01 (72kB) F Sep, 2021
WQFN16 2.5x2.5, 0.5P 510CC (45kB) O Nov, 2019
WQFN16 3x3, 0.5P 510BS (85kB) O Oct, 2019
WQFN20 4.5x2.5, 0.5P 510CD (47kB) O Oct, 2019
WQFN24 4.5x3.5, 0.5P 510CE (51kB) O Nov, 2019
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