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Document Title
Document ID/Size
Revision Date
27LD MODULE PDD STD MODCB (113kB) O Oct, 2019
AHPM15-CEA 100DD (74.9kB) A
AHPM15−CEC 100DV (77kB) O
DIP26 67.8x40 181AD (133kB) B
DIP27 73.2x40.2 184AA (70kB) B
PIM20 55x32.5 / Q0PACK 180AA (69.7kB) D
PIM20 55x32.5 / Q0PACK (Solder Pin) 180AB (269kB) D Nov, 2019
PIM22, 55x32.5 / Q0BOOST 180AJ (78kB) B Nov, 2019
PIM27, 71x37.4 (SOLDER PIN) 180CA (229kB) A
PIM30 71x37.4 180AD (123kB) E Nov, 2019
PIM30, 71x37.4 180AQ (84.0kB) A
PIM36 93x47 (PRESSFIT) 180CD (271.2kB) O
PIM40, 107.2x47 180BE (283kB) B
PIM44, 71x37.4 (PRESSFIT PINS) 180AS (114.3kB) O
PIM44, 71x37.4 (SOLDER PINS) 180BN (310.1kB) O
PIM56, 93x47 (SOLDER PIN) 180AK (89kB) B Nov, 2019
SSDC33, 154.50x92.0 183AF (300kB) O
SSDC33, 154.50x92.0 (SPB) 183AB (269kB) A
SSDC33, 154.50x92.0 (SPC) 183AC (266kB) A
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