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3 MHz, 125 uA Low Power Operational Amplifier NCS2006/D (1189kB) 15
350 kHz, 20 uA Low Power Operational Amplifier NCS2009/D (847kB) 16
600 V / 4.5 A, High and Low Side Automotive Gate Driver IC FAN7191_F085/D (225kB) 6
Comparator, High Speed, 50 ns, Low Voltage, Rail-to-Rail NCS2250/D (249kB) 5
Comparators, 0.85 V to 6 V, 10uA, 1us, Rail-to-Rail, Open Drain and Push-Pull Outputs NCS2200/D (134kB) 20
Current-Shunt Monitors, Voltage Output, Bidirectional Zero-Drift NCS210R/D (527kB) 8
High Voltage High Current High and Low Side Driver NCP5183/D (487kB) 2
High-Frequency, High Side and Low Side Gate Driver NCV51511/D (682kB) 1
Low Power Single Voltage Comparator TS391/D (61kB) 5
Low Power, Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifier NCV952/D (1184kB) 3
Micropower Dual CMOS Voltage Comparator NCV2393/D (356kB) 5
Operational Amplifier, Low Power, 1.2 MHz, 42 uA NCS2008/D (683kB) 18
Operational Amplifier, Rail-to-Rail Output, 3 MHz BW NCS20071/D (927kB) 14
Operational Amplifier, Zero-Drift, 10 uV Offset, 0.07 uV/C NCS333/D (630kB) 20
Operational Amplifiers, High Slew Rate, Low Voltage, Rail-to-Rail Output NCS2003/D (470kB) 11
Precision Operational Amplifier, 25 uV Offset, Zero-Drift, 36 V Supply, 2 MHz NCS21911/D (795kB) 5
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