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Automotive 750 V, 800 A Dual Side Cooling Half-Bridge Power Module   NVG800A75L4DSC/D (191kB) 4
Automotive 750 V, 820 A Single Side Direct Cooling 6-Pack Power Module   NVH820S75L4SPB/D (1265kB) 11
DS005630 PCGA300T65DF8/D (502kB) A
Extremefast Diode Die with Sinterable Top Metal 750 V, 225 A NCD225E75F8M1-DIE/D (186kB) 0
Extremefast Diode with Solderable Top Metal, 650 V, 200 A PCRKA20065F8M1/D (43kB) 0
Field Stop Trench IGBT With Soft Fast Recovery Diode and VCESAT, VTH Binning 650 V, 160 A AFGY160T65SPD-B4/D (2417kB) 2
Field Stop Trench IGBT with Solderable Top Metal, 650 V, 200 A PCGA200T65NF8M1/D (60kB) 0
MOSFET — Power, Silicon Carbide, Single N-Channel, D2PAK7L, 1200 V, 98 A, 20 mΩ NVBG020N120SC1/D (259kB) 4
MOSFET - SiC Power, Single N-Channel NVHL080N120SC1/D (291kB) 3
PCGA200T65NF8 - 650V, 200 A Field Stop Trench IGBT PCGA200T65NF8/D (459kB) A
PCGA300T65DF8M1 - 650 V, 300 A Field Stop Trench IGBT with Solderable Top Metal PCGA300T65DF8M1/D (116kB) 2
PCRKA16065F8 650V / 160A Extremefast Diode PCRKA16065F8/D (465kB) A
PCRKA20065F8 - 650V / 200A Extremefast Diode PCRKA20065F8/D (440kB) A
PCRKA30065F8 650V / 300A Extremefast Diode PCRKA30065F8/D (275kB) A
PCRKA30065F8M1 - Extremefast Diode with Solderable Top Metal, 650 V/300 A PCRKA30065F8M1/D (85kB) 3
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