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Low Voltage, Rail-to-Rail, Operational Amplifiers MC33201/D (252kB) 19
Comparators, 0.85 V to 6 V, 10uA, 1us, Rail-to-Rail, Open Drain and Push-Pull Outputs NCS2200/D (134kB) 20
Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparators LM393/D (112kB) 33
MOSFET — Single, N-Channel with ESD Protection, Small Signal, SC-75 and SC-89 20 V, 915 mA NTA4153N/D (127kB) 7
Micropower Undervoltage Sensing Circuit MC34164/D (142kB) 19
Operational Amplifier, Rail-to-Rail Output, 3 MHz BW NCS20071/D (927kB) 14
Operational Amplifier, Rail-to-Rail, 0.9 V, with Enable NCS2002/D (166.0kB) 7
Operational Amplifiers, Dual Power, 1 A Output Current TCA0372/D (253kB) 13
Operational Amplifiers, Single Supply, High Slew Rate, Low Input Offset Voltage MC33272A/D (319.0kB) 14
Operational Amplifiers, Single Supply, Quad LM324/D (138kB) 31
Single Supply Quad Comparators LM339/D (161kB) 27
Zener Diode Voltage Regulator, 250 mW SOT-23 Surface Mount BZX84C2V4LT1/D (86kB) 23
Zener Voltage Regulators MMSZ2V4T1/D (217kB) 12
Zener Voltage Regulators MMSZ5221ET1/D (165.0kB) 8
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