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Bipolar Power Transistors, PNP, 3.0 A, 40 V NJT4030P/D (113kB) 7
Complementary High Power Silicon Transistors TIP35A/D (131.0kB) 6
Complementary NPN-PNP Silicon Power Bipolar Transistor MJL3281A/D (108.0kB) 11
Complementary NPN-PNP Silicon Power Bipolar Transistors MJL4281A/D (97.0kB) 3
Current Mode Resonant Controller with Integrated high-Voltage Drivers, High Performance NCP13992/D (590kB) 11
Current Mode Resonant Controller, with Integrated High-Voltage Drivers, High Performance NCP1399/D (610kB) 17
Dual Half-Bridge Driver with Parallel Input Control NCV7721/D (90kB) 3
High Voltage High Current High and Low Side Driver NCP5183/D (487kB) 2
High Voltage, High and Low Side Driver NCP5109/D (115kB) 2
Low VCE(sat) Transistor, NPN, 60 V, 6.0 A NSS60601MZ4/D (108.0kB) 5
Low VCE(sat) Transistor, PNP, 60 V, 6.0 A, SOT-223 Package NSS60600MZ4/D (69kB) 5
Motor Driver, Dual H-Bridge, 1.0 A NCV7702B/D (107.0kB) 1
Silicon Power Transistors MJL21193/D (116.0kB) 7
Silicon Power Transistors MJW21193/D (119.0kB) 5
Silicon Power Transistors MJW21195/D (157.0kB) 3
Single 6 A High-Speed, Low-Side SiC MOSFET Driver   NCP51705/D (420kB) 4
Triple Half-Bridge Driver with SPI Control NCV7703B/D (137kB) 4
Triple Half-Bridge Driver with SPI Control NCV7703C/D (222kB) 5
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