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0.5 A, Step-Down Switching Regulator LM2594/D (555.0kB) 0
1 Channel Step-Down Switching Regulator ENA2104/D (266.0kB) 0
1.5A, 260kHz and 520kHz, Low Voltage Buck Regulators with External Bias or Synchronization Capability CS51411/D (283.0kB) 21
3.0 A, Step-Down Switching Regulator LM2596/D (449.0kB) 0
500 mA Positive Voltage Regulators MC78M00/D (137kB) 28
Buck Converter - DC-DC 3 MHz, 600 mA NCP1522B/D (195kB) 1
Buck Regulator, Switching, 1-Channel LV5749NV/D (104.0kB) 0
Buck Regulator, Synchronous, 15 A FAN23SV65AMPX/D (912kB) 2
Dual 3.0 A Non-Synchronous PWM Buck Regulator NCP3121/D (2426.0kB) 2
FAN2356AMPX - 6 A Synchronous Buck Regulator FAN2356AMPX/D (1537kB) A
FAN2360AMPX - 10 A Synchronous Buck Regulator FAN2360AMPX/D (1530kB) A
FAN23SV56AMPX - 6 A Synchronous Buck Regulator FAN23SV56AMPX/D (1933kB) A
Inverting Switching Regulators - Step-Up/Down 5.0 A MC34167/D (296kB) 7
LDO Regulator - Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR, RF and Analog Circuits 700 mA NCP167/D (338kB) 3
LDO Regulator - Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR, RF and Analog Circuits, 250 mA   NCP163/D (1087kB) 12
LDO Regulator for RF and Analog Circuits - Ultra-Low Noise and High PSRR, 450 mA NCP161/D (931kB) 17
Linear Regulator - Low Dropout 1.5 A NCP565/D (207kB) 19
Linear Regulator - Low Output Voltage, Ultra-Fast Low Dropout, Enable 1.0 A NCP5661/D (169kB) 19
Linear Voltage Regulator, LDO, Fixed and Adjustable, 1.0 A   NCP1117/D (179kB) 31
Linear Voltage Regulator, Positive, 100 mA   MC78L00A/D (150kB) 20
Low Voltage Synchronous Buck Controller NCP81044/D (403.0kB) 0
PWM Buck Controller, Synchronous, 100 V   NCP1034/D (466kB) 14
Precision Switchmode Pulse Width Modulation Control Circuit TL594/D (145.0kB) 5
Pulse Width Modulator Control Circuit SG3525A/D (142.0kB) 5
Switching Regulator, Non-Synchronous Rectification, Step-Down, 1-Channel ENA1875/D (113.0kB) 0
Switchmode Pulse Width Modulation Control Circuit   TL494/D (144.0kB) 7
Synchronous Buck Controller, Low Voltage NCP1587/D (407.0kB) 5
Ultra-Low Noise and High PSRR LDO Regulator for RF and Analog Circuits, 250 mA NCP160/D (829kB) 17
Voltage Regulator - CMOS, Low Noise, Low-Dropout 150 mA NCP500/D (194kB) 22
Voltage Regulator - Low Dropout 300 mA MC33275/D (230kB) 20
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