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Revision Date
Low Voltage Triple 3-Input AND Gate with 5V Tolerant Inputs 74LCX11/D (973kB) A
NC7NP14-D.pdf NC7NP14/D (841kB) A
NLU3G16 Triple Non-Inverting Buffer NLU3G16/D (77kB) 5
TinyLogic UHS Inverter NC7NZ04/D (118kB) 3 Jan, 2021
TinyLogic UHS Inverter with Schmitt Trigger Input NC7NZ14/D (183kB) 3 Jan, 2021
TinyLogic UHS Triple Buffer NC7NZ34/D (142kB) 2 Oct, 2020
TinyLogic UHS Triple Buffer with Schmitt Trigger Inputs NC7NZ17/D (182kB) 2 Oct, 2020
TinyLogic ULP-A Triple Buffer NC7NP34/D (196kB) 1 Feb, 2021
Triple 3-Input NAND Gate MC74HC10A/D (117.0kB) 2 May, 2013
Triple Buffer with Open Drain Outputs NL37WZ07/D (267kB) 9 Sep, 2020
Triple Inverter with Open Drain Outputs NL37WZ06/D (266kB) 8 Sep, 2020
Triple Non-Inverting Buffer NLX3G16/D (123kB) 3 Nov, 2019
Triple Noninverting Schmitt-Trigger Buffer NL37WZ17/D (269kB) 11 Sep, 2020
Triple Schmitt-Trigger Inverter NLX3G14/D (70kB) 3 Jul, 2016
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