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Revision Date
5 V ECL 1:9 Differential Clock Driver MC100E111/D (111kB) 18 Mar, 2021
5 V ECL 3-Bit Differential Flip-Flop MC10E431/D (162kB) 12 Apr, 2021
5 V ECL 8-Bit Ripple Counter MC10E137/D (166kB) 10 Mar, 2021
5 V ECL 8-Bit Synchronous Binary Up Counter MC10E016/D (177kB) 9 Mar, 2021
5 V ECL Quint 2‐Input AND/NAND Gate MC100E104/D (181kB) 9 Apr, 2021
5 V ECL Quint Differential Line Receiver MC10E116/D (163kB) 12 Apr, 2021
5V Dual ECL Output Comparator With Latch MC10E1652/D (123.0kB) 10 Apr, 2013
5V ECL 12-Bit Parity Generator/Checker MC10E160/D (191.0kB) 6
5V ECL 3-Bit 4:1 Mux-Latch MC100E256/D (174.0kB) 1
5V ECL 3-Bit Scannable Registered Address Driver MC10E212/D (183.0kB) 5
5V ECL 4-Bit D Flip-Flop MC10E131/D (155kB) 12 Jul, 2016
5V ECL 9-Bit Latch With Parity MC10E175/D (80.0kB) 9
5V ECL Error Detection/Correction Circuit MC100E193/D (176.0kB) 1
5V, -5V ECL Dual ECL Output Comparator With Latch MC10E1651/D (120.0kB) 10 Apr, 2013
Fibre Channel Coaxial Cable Driver and Loop Resiliency Circuit MC10SX1189/D (138kB) 5 Aug, 2016
Phase-Frequency Detector MCH12140/D (130.0kB) 10 May, 2021
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