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18-Bit Switchable Active SCSI-2 Bus Terminator (110 ΩW)With Voltage Regulator MCCS142236/D (153.0kB) 6
AMIS-492x0 Fieldbus MAU AMIS-492X0/D (220kB) 8
Automotive LIN RGB LED Driver NCV7430/D (268kB) 10 Jun, 2017
CAN FD Transceiver, High Speed NCV7357/D (220kB) 0 Mar, 2019
CAN FD Transceiver, Low Power, with INH, WAKE and Error Detection NCV7343/D (313kB) 1 Jul, 2021
CAN Transceiver, Dual, High Speed, Low Power NCV7441/D (167.0kB) 0
CAN Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power NCV7341/D (219.0kB) 4 May, 2009
CAN Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power NCV7340/D (105kB) 8 Oct, 2014
CAN Transceiver, Single Wire NCV7356/D (202kB) 13 Jan, 2017
Dual CAN FD Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power NCV7446/D (186kB) 2 Dec, 2019
Dual Differential (EIA-422-A)/Quad Single-Ended (EIA-423-A) Line Drivers MC26LS30/D (114.0kB) 2 Mar, 2005
Dual EIA-423/EIA-232D Line Driver MC3488A/D (79.0kB) 5 Jul, 2006
Dual High Speed CAN Transceiver AMIS-42700/D (206.0kB) 5 Jan, 2009
Dual High Speed CAN Transceiver for Long Wire Networks AMIS-42770/D (132kB) 4 Nov, 2014
Enhanced LIN Transceiver NCV7382/D (149.0kB) 4 Oct, 2007
FUSB1500-D.pdf FUSB1500/D (805kB) A
FUSB2805 - USB2.0 High-Speed OTG Transceiver with ULPI Interface FUSB2805/D (1468kB) A
Fault Tolerant CAN Transceivers (AMIS-41682 and AMIS-41683) AMIS-41682/D (213kB) 9 Apr, 2015
FlexRay Transceiver, Clamp 30 NCV7381C/D (240kB) 0 May, 2019
FlexRay® Transceiver, Clamp 15 NCV7383/D (199kB) 1 Apr, 2018
FlexRay® Transceiver, Clamp 30 NCV7381/D (195kB) 4 Apr, 2018
FlexRay® Transceiver, Clamp 30 NCV7381B/D (229kB) 1 Jul, 2019
Four Channel LIN Transceiver NCV7424/D (132kB) 2 May, 2015
General Purpose Transistor Array and Three Isolated Transistor Arrays MC3346/D (147.0kB) 2
HART Modem NCN5192/D (199kB) 4 Apr, 2018
HART Modem NCN5193/D (193kB) 6 Jul, 2018
HART Modem A5191HRT/D (154kB) 10 Apr, 2018
High Speed CAN Transceiver AMIS-30660/D (135.0kB) 10
High Speed CAN Transceiver AMIS-30663/D (162.0kB) 6 Jan, 2009
High Speed CAN, CAN FD Transceiver NCV7351/D (109kB) 3 Jun, 2016
High Speed Low Power CAN Transceiver NCV7342/D (130kB) 4 Jun, 2016
High Speed Low Power CAN Transceiver NCV7349/D (112kB) 1 Dec, 2014
High Speed Low Power CAN, CAN FD Transceiver   NCV7344/D (185kB) 4 Aug, 2021
High-Speed CAN Transceiver for Long Networks AMIS-42670/D (150.0kB) 3 Jan, 2009
High-Speed Low Power CAN Transceiver AMIS-42665/D (171.0kB) 10
KNX System-in-Package (SiP) NCN5140S/D (318kB) 0 Jun, 2021
LIN Transceiver NCV7380/D (193.0kB) 2 Feb, 2007
LIN Transceiver AMIS-30600/D (133kB) 9 Dec, 2014
LIN Transceiver with 3.3 V or 5 V Voltage Regulator NCV7420/D (232kB) 9 May, 2015
LIN Transceiver with Voltage Regulator and Reset Pin NCV7425/D (285kB) 3 May, 2015
LIN Transceiver, Dual NCV7422/D (276kB) 0 Aug, 2019
LIN Transceiver, Stand-alone NCV7327/D (178kB) 0 Mar, 2019
Linear Four-Quadrant Multiplier MC1494/D (394.0kB) xxx
Low Power OOK, ASK, FSK ISM Band Transceiver NCV53480/D (536.0kB) 6
Quad EIA-485 Line Driver with Three-State Output MC75172B/D (122.0kB) 4 Jul, 2006
Quad Line EIA-232D Driver MC1488/D (182.0kB) 9 Dec, 2009
Quad Line EIA-232D Receivers MC1489/D (173.0kB) 11 Dec, 2009
Stand-alone LIN Transceiver NCV7321/D (146kB) 14 Aug, 2016
Stand-alone LIN Transceiver NCV7329/D (136kB) 0 May, 2018
System Basis Chip with CAN FD, LDO Regulator and HS Driver NCV7450/D (241kB) 1 Nov, 2019
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