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Revision Date
Conformance Report - NCP1249, NCP1339 TND6196/D (345kB) 0
Conformance Report - NCP1937 TND6195/D (343kB) 0
IEC 60950 Test Certificate for NCP1244, NCP1246, NCP1247, NCP1248, NCP1240 TND6113 (343kB) 0 Jun, 2014
IEC60950 Amendment to Test Report 257636 (Report 271889) TND6182/D (301kB) 0
IEC60950 Certification for NCP1244; NCP1246; NCP1247; NCP1248; NCP1240 TND6180/D (342kB) 0
IEC60950-1 ICX test report done by Nemko, for X cap discharge products NCP1244, 1246, 1247, 1248 and 1240 series TND6243/D (7109kB) 0
IEC62368 ICX Conformance Report Certificate for NCP1246, NCP1240, NCP1244, NCP1247, NCP1248, NCP1340, NCP1341, NCP1342, NCP1343, NCP1615, NCP12400, NCP1616 TND6229/D (118kB) 1 Aug, 2017
IEC62368 ICX Conformance Report Certificate for NCP1249, NCP1339 TND6230/D (207kB) 0 Jun, 2017
IEC62368 ICX Conformance Report Certificate for NCP1937 TND6228/D (174kB) 0 Jun, 2017
NCP1250 Surge Test Compliance Report TND414/D (1272.0kB) 0 Sep, 2010
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