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Charge Pump Based Multiple LED Driver AND8192/D (102.0kB) 0
Efficient High Power Flash Light AND8135/D (191.0kB) 0
NUD4001 Dimming Ability Demonstration Board AND8234/D (181.0kB) 1
NUD4001 LED Driver Demonstration Boards AND8197/D (50.0kB) 0
NUD4001 and NUD4011 Current Sources for LEDs Lighting Applications AND8156/D (174.0kB) 2
Simple Battery Charger using a CCR AND9031/D (199kB) 3
Understanding the Noise Issue Out of Inductor Based DC-DC Converter AND8172/D (299.0kB) 1
Using the NUD4001 to Drive High Current LEDs AND8198/D (89.973kB) 1
Utilizing a White LED Driver to Drive Xenon Flashes in Cameras and Phones AND8236/D (69.0kB) 0
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