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2 Switch-Forward Current Mode Converter with the NCP1252 AND8373/D (1571.0kB) 1
32 W, 32 V Universal Input AC-DC Printer Adapter using the NCP1237 AND8454/D (331.0kB) 1 Feb, 2010
48 W, 24 V/7.5 V Universal Input AC-DC Printer Adapter Using the NCP1219 AND8393/D (4197.0kB) 2
A 12 W Adaptor with NCP1362 Quasi Resonant Controller AND90025/D (1364kB) 1 May, 2020
A 12V/40W Demonstrator with NCP1250 AND8486/D (128.0kB) 0
A 25 to 55 V, 0.7 to 1.5 A, Single Stage Power Factor Corrected Constant Current Offline LED Driver with Flexible Dimming Options AND8470/D (214.0kB) 0
A 30 W Power Supply Operating in A Quasi-Square Wave Resonant Mode AND8129/D (246.0kB) 0
A 36 W Ballast Application with the NCP5181 AND8244/D (188.0kB) 1
A 60 W AC-DC Demonstrator with NCP1256 AND9206/D (367kB) 2 Jan, 2017
A 60 W ac-dc Demonstrator with NCP1250 AND8468/D (490.0kB) 2
A 65 W Adaptor with NCP1239 Fixed Frequency Controller AND9296/D (1827kB) 1 Apr, 2016
A Constant Current Adjustable 0.7 A to 1.5 A, Up to 55 Vdc Single Stage Power Factor Corrected LED Power Supply AND8427/D (186.0kB) 2
A High Voltage Input Supply 12 W Adaptor with NCP1362 Primary Side Regulated Quasi Resonant Controller AND9890/D (1188kB) 1 Mar, 2021
A Quasi-Resonant SPICE Model Eases Feedback Loop Designs AND8112/D (205.0kB) 1
A Simple DC SPICE Model for the LLC Converter AND8255/D (474.0kB) 2
Adjusting the Over Temperature Protection Trip Point in NCP1250-Based Adapters AND9057/D (110.0kB) 0
Circuit Design and PCB Layout Guidelines for Designs Using the NCP108x AND9133/D (60kB) 1 Mar, 2015
Compensating the Negative Voltage Spike on the NCP1250 OPP Pin AND9066/D (179.0kB) 1
DC-DC Converter for Driving High-Intensity Light-Emitting Diodes with the SEPIC Circuit AND8138/D (131.0kB) 0
Design Approach to Light-Load Effective Power Supply Utilizing the NCP1244/46 PWM Controllers AND9170/D (1697kB) 0 Jul, 2014
Design Guideline for Flyback Travel Adapter using FAN602 AN-4193 A
Design Guideline on 150W Power Supply for LED Street Lighting Design Using FL7930B and FAN7621S AN-9738 A
Design of a 65 W Adapter Utilizing the NCP1237 PWM Controller AND8461/D (3998kB) 1 Oct, 2014
Designing a LED Driver with the NCL30080/81/82/83 AND9131/D (534kB) 1 Dec, 2014
Designing a PSR Quasi-Resonant Adaptor Driven by the NCP1362 AND90024/D (339kB) 0 Mar, 2020
Designing a Quasi-Resonant Adapter Driven by the NCP1380 AND8431/D (352.0kB) 1
Designing a Quasi-Resonant Adaptor Driven by the NCP1339 AND9176/D (131kB) 0 Jul, 2014
Designing a Two-Switch Forward Board Driven by the NCL30125 AND9960/D (265kB) 0 Oct, 2019
Determining the Free-Running Frequency for QR Systems AND8089/D (66.0kB) 0
Dimming the NCL30002 LED Driver AND9096/D (126kB) 2 Feb, 2014
External-Sync Power Supply with Universal Input Voltage Range for Monitors AN1080/D (271.0kB) 1
FAN6204 - Synchronous Rectification Controller for Flyback and Forward Freewheeling Rectification AN-6204 A
Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter Design Using FSFR-Series Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) AN-4151 A
Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter Design Using NCP4390/NCV4390 AND90061/D (4241kB) 0 Sep, 2020
How to Keep a FLYBACK Switch Mode Supply Stable with a Critical-Mode Controller AN1681/D (91kB) 1
Implementing a 12 V /240 W Power Supply with the NCP4303B, NCP1605 and NCP1397B AND8460/D (2138.0kB) 2 May, 2010
Implementing a 310 W Power Supply with NCP1910, NCP4303 & NCP1027 AND8474/D (834.0kB) 0
Implementing an LCD TV Power Supply with NCP1396A, NCP1605 & NCP1027 AND8293/D (1224.0kB) 1
Implementing the SOFA in AC/DC Power Supplies AND8043/D (318.0kB) 0
Integrated Critical Mode PFC / Quasi-Resonant AN-6921 A
LLC Resonant Converter Design using FAN7688 AN-6104 A
Loop Control Design of an ac-dc Adapter Using the NCP1250 AND8453/D (357.0kB) 0
NCL30002 High Power Factor Buck LED Driver AND9094/D (258kB) 1 Oct, 2013
NCP1252 Boost and CAT4026 LED Driver Board AND8478/D (2237.0kB) 0
NCP1351 Evaluation Board Printer Power Supply AND8278/D (549.0kB) 0
NCP1351 Evaluation Board, 19 V - 3 A Adaptor AND8263/D (260.0kB) 1
NCP1351 Evaluation Board, a 12 V / 2 A Full DCM AND8288/D (328.0kB) 0
NCP1351 Modeling Using the PWM Switch Technique AND8280/D (184.0kB) 0
Off-Line Critical Conduction Switching Power Supply with Voltage and Current Limiting AND8024/D (112kB) 1 Jan, 2016
Offline Buck Converter with Tapped Inductor Improves Performance AND8318/D (100.0kB) 1
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