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A System Designer's Guide for Building a PCIe Clock Tree while Addressing Timing Challenges AND9202/D (179kB) 1 Mar, 2015
An Introduction to FST AND8085/D (18.0kB) 7
An Introduction to Fairchild Switch Products AN-5007 A
Analog Switch Allows USB Switching at Low Voltages AND8130/D (47.0kB) 2
Analog Switches Solve Many Problems within a Cell Phone AND8133/D (71kB) 1 Dec, 2014
Analog Switches with -2V Undershoot Protection AN-5044 A
Application Guide for FSHDMI08 Target Applications and Switch Overview AN-6059 A
Audible Noise Reduction Techniques for FPS™ Applications AN-4148 A
Bus Switch Undershoot Protection: Which Systems Need this Protection and Why AN-5021 A
Control Solution using Logic, Analog Switches, and Discrete Semiconductor Devices for Reversing a One-Phase Motor AND8056/D (276.0kB) 1
D-PHY MIPI Switches in Multi-Camera / Multi-Display Applications AN-6095 A
Design Considerations for Battery Charger Using Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) AN-4138 A
Design Guidelines for Offline Flyback Converters using FPS™ AN-4137 A
Design Guidelines for Offline Forward Converters using FPS AN-4134 (313kB) 1 Mar, 2004
Electrostatic Discharge Prevention-Input Protection Circuits and Handling Guide for CMOS Devices AN-248 A
FSA2000 Quick Start Guide AN-8032 A
FSA3357 Single Pole/Triple Throw Eliminates Second Single Pole/Double Throw and Reduces Board Space AN-504 A
FSA642 - Evaluation Board User Guide AN-8037 A
FSAL200 LAN Switch Reduces Component Cost for Laptop PCs Using Docking Stations AN-502 A
FSTU - Undershoot Protected Fairchild Switch Family AN-5008 A
Fairchild Analog Switch Products ESD Test Methodology Overview AN-6019 A
Fairchild USB Switch Advantage AN-6018 A
High-Performance CMOS Analog Switches AND8052/D (29.0kB) 0
High-Speed USB Switch Layout Considerations AN-9073 A
Interfacing to Analog Switches AND8304/D (77kB) 2 Mar, 2017
Low Icct Analog Switches for Ultra-Portable Designs (Traditional Chinese) AN-5064TC A
Low-ICCT Analog Switches for Ultra-Portable Designs AN-5064 A
Multiple Display Load Isolation Using the FSAV330 AN-503 A
NLAS4717 Analog Switch Permits USB 1.1 Switching AND8158/D (38.0kB) 0
New Low Resistance Analog Switches Permit Speaker Switching in Cell Phones AND8131/D (31.0kB) 0
Pop Suppression Techniques Using Analog Switches AN-6044 A
Three New Tiny Switches Facilitate Video Switching AND8094/D (18.0kB) 1
Transformer Design Consideration for Offline Flyback Converters Using Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) AN-4140 A
Troubleshooting and Design Tips for Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) Flyback Applications AN-4141 A
Two New Analog Switches Set Standards for Space Efficiency AND8058/D (26.0kB) 0
Unique and Novel Uses For ON Semiconductor's New One-Gate Family AND8018/D (56.0kB) 1
Using BGA Packages AN-5026 A
Using the FSUSB30 to Comply with USB 2.0 Fault Condition Requirements AN-6022 A
Using the FSUSB30/31 to Comply with USB 2.0 Fault Condition Requirements Traditional Chinese AN-6022TC A
Using the Fairchild Switch as a 5V to 3V Translator AN-996 A
Utilizing the FSA2000 MUTE Function to Reduce Audio “Click” and “Pop” AN-8031 A
Wide-bandwidth Video Switches Solve High Resolution Video Design Challenges AN-5065 A
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