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AC Characteristics of MM74HC High Speed CMOS AN-317 A
An Introduction to and Comparison of 74HCT TTL Compatible CMOS Logic AN-368 A
Applications of Non Zero Crossing Triac Drivers Featuring the MOC3011 AN-3003 A
CMOS Oscillators AN-118 A
CMOS Schmitt Trigger - A Uniquely Versatile Design Component AN-140 A
Comparison of MM74HC to 74LS, 74S and 74ALS Logic AN-319 A
Control Solution using Logic, Analog Switches, and Discrete Semiconductor Devices for Reversing a One-Phase Motor AND8056/D (276.0kB) 1
DC Electrical Characteristics of MM74HC High Speed CMOS Logic AN-313 A
Designing Crystal Oscillators with Modern CMOS Gates AND8053/D (20.0kB) 3
Designing with Bushold AN-5006 A
FPF200X Evaluation Module AN-7008 A
FPF2100/7 Evaluation Board Users Guide AN-7012 A
Fairchilds Process Enhancements Eliminate the CMOS SCR Latch-Up Problem in 74HC Logic AN-339 A
HC-MOS Power Dissipation AN-303 A
High Speed CMOS (MM74HC) Processing AN-310 A
High Speed Logic Compatible, Half-Pitch Mini-Flat Optocoupler, FODM8061 AN-3012 A
High-Speed CMOS Product Designation Definitions TND306/D (16.0kB) 0
Infrared Sensing and Data Transmission Fundamentals AN1016/D (49.0kB) 1
Interfacing to MM74HC High-Speed CMOS Logic AN-314 A
Logic Level Translation, A Simple Approach. AND8101/D (23.0kB) 0
Logic-System Design Techniques Reduce Switching-CMOS Power AN-376 A
NL27WZ04 Dual Gate Inverter Oscillator Increases the Brightness of LEDs While Reducing Power Consumption AND8067/D (62.0kB) 0
New MiniGate™ Device Performs Up and Down Translation AND8097/D (18.0kB) 0
Optocoupler Input Drive Circuits AN-3001 A
Portability and Ultra Low Power TinyLogic® AN-5055 A
Ratings, Specifications and Waveforms for FACT Data Sheets AND8277/D (68.0kB) 0
TinyLogic® MicroPak2™ Package Applications Guide AN-8030 A
Ultra-Low Voltage MiniGate™ Devices Solve 1.2 V Interface Problem AND8139/D (22.0kB) 0
Unbuffered Gates for Crystal Oscillators AND8141/D (21.0kB) 0
Understanding and Minimizing Ground Bounce AN-640 A
Unique and Novel Uses For ON Semiconductor's New One-Gate Family AND8018/D (56.0kB) 1
Using Fairchilds LVX Low Voltage Dual Supply CMOS Translating Transceivers AN-5001 A
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