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125 kbps with AMIS-4168x AND8365/D (2060.0kB) 0
A5191HRT Design for Low-power Environments AND9030/D (96.0kB) 0
A519HRT HART Modem AND8346/D (397.0kB) 4
AMIS-30660 - Power Dissipation in Case of Bus Failure AND8377/D (104.0kB) 2
AMIS-30660 Minimum Communication Speed AND8379/D (290.0kB) 2
AMIS-30660 Model When VCC is Shorted to GND AND8378/D (88.0kB) 2
AMIS-3066x - Difference Between 5 V and 3.3 V Versions AND8375/D (115.0kB) 2
AMIS-4168x Behavior in Un-Powered Condition AND8367/D (94.0kB) 0
AMIS-4168x Fault Tolerant CAN Transceiver AND8368/D (324.0kB) 0
AMIS-42700 Dual High-Speed CAN Transceiver AND8358/D (251.0kB) 0
AMIS-42700 Multiple CAN Bus Transceiver AND8360/D (94.0kB) 1
AMIS-42700/AMIS-42770 - Redundant Bus Connection AND8348/D (392.0kB) 1
AMIS42665 CAN Transceiver Immunity Against ESD AND8363/D (1706.0kB) 1
AMIS42665 Extended Voltage Range AND8364/D (146.0kB) 0
Boundary-Scan, an Enabling Technology for System Level Embedded Test AN-1022 (154kB) A
Circuit Configuration Options for TVS Devices AND8231/D (80kB) 1 Mar, 2017
Design Considerations Using CAN Low Speed Fault Tolerant AND8366/D (169.0kB) 0
Designing with and Testing the NCN5192 DAC AND9078/D (470.0kB) 0
Differences between 5V and 3.3V Versions of AMIS-4168x AND8369/D (122.0kB) 2
EMI/ESD Protection Solutions for the CAN Bus AND8169/D (91kB) 2 Jun, 2014
Ghost JTAG Interface for Graphical Host Reference Design AN-1003 (696kB) A
Implementing the Physical Layer in a USB 2.0 Compliant System AN-5052 A
Interconnecting Multiple HSCAN Repeaters byText/Rint Signals AND8361/D (86.0kB) 0
KNX Family: Guidelines for Porting NCN5120 to NCN5110/21/30 Transceivers ICs AND9289/D (346kB) 1 Oct, 2015
KNX Fan-In AND90055/D (251kB) 1 Oct, 2020
LC Selection Guide for the DC-DC Synchronous Buck Converter AND9135/D (889.0kB) 0
Loss of 3.3 V Digital I/O Supply AND8374/D (621.0kB) 0
Low Power Consumption AND8411/D (206.0kB) 3
M-BUS Design Changes Between TSS721A and NCN5150 AND9108/D (483.0kB) 1
Multiple CAN Bus Network AND8351/D (114.0kB) 0
NCN5120 - KNX Certification Procedure AND9102/D (90.0kB) 0
NCV7341 Behavior with a Permanent Short on the CAN bus AND8352/D (244kB) 1 Apr, 2015
NCV7381 FlexRay Bus Driver Application Note AND9081/D (109kB) 2 Jun, 2014
NCV7383 FlexRay ® Bus Driver Application Note AND9148/D (140.0kB) 0
NCV7425 - Mode Transition Timing AND9744/D (70kB) 0 Apr, 2018
NCV7430 LED Color Calibration AND9690/D (231kB) 1 Aug, 2018
Power Dissipation in Case of Bus Failure AND8362/D (102.0kB) 0
Structural System Test Via IEEE.Std.1149.1 AN-1023 (84kB) A
System Level Surge Suppression Solutions for the CAN Bus AND8253/D (270.0kB) 0
TVS Diode Selection Guidelines for the CAN Bus AND8181/D (75.0kB) 0
Timing Considerations with the Dual-CAN Transceiver AND8359/D (176.0kB) 0
Topology Aspects of a High-Speed CAN Bus AND8376/D (132.0kB) 2
USB1T11A Transceiver and Specification Compliance AN-5015 A
Using the Fading Feature of the NCV7430 AND9103/D (376kB) 2 Jul, 2014
Using the NCV7356 with Large Reservoir Capacitors AND8258/D (88kB) 1 Mar, 2015
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