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350 mA Buck Boost LED Driver using Bipolar Junction Transistors AND8305/D (623.0kB) 1
>85% Efficient 12 to 5 VDC Buck Converter AND8291/D (127.0kB) 1
Buck Boost LED Driver using NCP3063 Controller, FETs & Current Sensing AND8306/D (415.0kB) 0
CAT32 White LED Driver Efficiency and Inductor Value Tradeoffs AND8423/D (154.0kB) 0
CAT3661 LED Driver Evaluation Board AND9013-D (165.0kB) 0
Charge Pump Based Multiple LED Driver AND8192/D (102.0kB) 0
CrM Buck LED Driver Evaluation Board AND8480/D (586.0kB) 0
Efficient High Power Flash Light AND8135/D (191.0kB) 0
High Intensity LED Drivers Using NCP3065/NCV3065 AND8298/D (1204.0kB) 1
Improving Output Voltage Ripple of the NCP3063 Series of Switching Regulators by Applying a Simple Feedforward Technique AND8284/D (152.0kB) 1
LED Backlight Driving Boost Switch AN-9765 A
LED Driving with NCP/V3063 AND8289/D (124.0kB) 1
Solar LED Lamp Application Using the CAT4139 AND9067/D (1502.0kB) 0
Theory and Applications of the MC34063 and �A78S40 Switching Regulator Circuits AN920/D (416kB) 6
Understanding the Noise Issue Out of Inductor Based DC-DC Converter AND8172/D (299.0kB) 1
User Guide for FEBFAN7631_L17U120A AN-FEBFAN7631_L17U120A A
Utilizing a White LED Driver to Drive Xenon Flashes in Cameras and Phones AND8236/D (69.0kB) 0
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