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Revision Date
Integrated Load Detection for Video Drivers AND9046/D (163.0kB) 0
AC Characteristics of ECL Devices AND8090/D (896.0kB) 1 Nov, 2003
Applications for Compandors NE570/SA571 AND8159/D (117.0kB) 1
Applications for the NE521/522 AND8176/D (295.0kB) 0
Audio Circuits Using the NE5532/4 AND8177/D (253.0kB) 0
Auto Gain Control using the NSVP264SDSF3, NSVR351SDSA3 and NCV2904 AND9612/D (407kB) 0 Jun, 2017
Clock Generation and Clock and Data Marking and Ordering Information Guide AND8002/D (71kB) 12
Compandor Application Automatic Gain Control AND8227/D (73.0kB) 0
Compandor Cookbook AND8160/D (68.0kB) 1
Current Sense Amplifiers, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) AND9750/D (120kB) 0 Jul, 2018
Design Considerations for Battery Charger Using Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) AN-4138 A
Design Guideline on 150W Power Supply for LED Street Lighting Design Using FL7930B and FAN7621S AN-9738 A
Designing RC Oscillator Circuits with Low Voltage Operational Amplifiers and Comparators for Precision Sensor Applications AND8054/D (168.0kB) 1
ECLinPS and ECLinPS Lite SPICE I/O Modeling Kit AN1503/D (120.0kB) 6
ECLinPS™ Circuit Performance at Non-Standard VIH Levels AN1404/D (51.0kB) 1
FAN3852 PCB Layout Guidelines & Application Notes AND9846/D (356kB) 1 Jul, 2020
Getting Started with Power Line Communication AND9165/D (91kB) 5 Feb, 2017
High Resolution Digital Dimmer AND8011/D (79.0kB) 2
Induction Heating System Topology Review AN-9012 A
Infrared Sensing and Data Transmission Fundamentals AN1016/D (49.0kB) 1
Integrated Input Auto-Detection Mode for Video Drivers AND8473/D (156.0kB) 0
Interfacing with ECLinPS AND8066/D (72kB) 3
Introduction to Analog Video AND8261/D (90.0kB) 0
Low Cost Universal Motor Chopper Drive System AN1661/D (239.0kB) 1
Mains Synchronization for PLC Modems AND9282/D (203kB) 2 Oct, 2017
Manufacturing Technology of a Small Capacity Inverter Using a Fairchild IGBT AN-9017 A
NCS2211 Audio Design Note AND8467/D (118.0kB) 1
ONA10IV I2C Register Definitions AND9945/D (243kB) 0 Sep, 2019
Odd Number Divide By Counters with 50% Outputs and Synchronous Clocks AND8001/D (90.0kB) 0
Off-Line Critical Conduction Switching Power Supply with Voltage and Current Limiting AND8024/D (112kB) 1 Jan, 2016
SAG Correction AND8457/D (2573.0kB) 1
Termination of ECL Logic Devices AND8020/D (176.0kB) 6
Thermal Considerations for the NCS5651 AND8402/D (159kB) 1
Understanding and Using the NCV1124 VR Sensor Interface AND8149/D (155.0kB) 1
Using the CMOS Dual Monostable Multivibrator AN-138 A
Zero-Drift Precision Op Amps: Advantages and Limitations of the Chopper-Stabilized Architecture AND9857/D (1012kB) 0 Jun, 2019
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