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Internet of Things (IoT) Seminars

Innovations in Smart Homes and Buildings

In 2019, our technology seminars for IoT focused on the trends and technologies revolutionizing smart homes and buildings. Held globally across Asia, North America and Europe, our seminars hosted over 500 attendees. Our IoT experts explored some of the most critical industry challenges facing manufacturers today including enhancing security, reducing energy consumption and improving comfort.

If you missed the “Innovations in Smart Homes and Buildings” seminars, be sure to check out recordings from the event below.

Technology Seminars:
Innovations in Smart Homes and Buildings Recap

Session Videos

Vision IoT
Smart Home Hubs and Gateways
Connected Lighting: Energy Saving to Building Automation
Bosch Sensortec: Introduction to Smart Home Solutions
Audio/Voice User Interface
Maintenance-Free Sensor Nodes

Demo Videos

3 Exposure HDR Xilinx Zynq Demo
Connected Lighting Solutions With Arrow Electronics
Bosch Sensortec Sensing Solutions
NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Imager Access System Solutions
Bluetooth® Low Energy Imaging Snapcam Demo
ZF Electronic Systems Energy Harvesting Solutions
Device-to-Device Authentication with Veridify
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